Lawn­care: 3 Steps For A Rich Green Lawn

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ALL LAWNS suf­fered dur­ing the hot, dry sum­mer. Lawn grass came un­der stress due to a lack of wa­ter and nu­tri­tion. How­ever, now is the time to cre­ate a rich green, moss and weed free lawn be­fore win­ter. Sim­ply fol­low our lawn care “Steps to Suc­cess” pro­gramme.

1. Treat Moss - one of the best meth­ods to con­trol and pre­vent moss from in­fest­ing your lawn is to treat the en­tire lawn with a treat­ment of ZERO Lawn Liq­uid. Zero Lawn Liq­uid is a fast-act­ing moss re­mover that works rapidly to kill lawn moss. It has the abil­ity to kill lawn moss right down to the root struc­ture, overnight. Mix the Zero Lawn Liq­uid with wa­ter (1 litre of ZERO Lawn Liq­uid to 10 litres of wa­ter) and spray onto the en­tire lawn area. ZERO Lawn Liq­uid should be ap­plied us­ing a clean knap­sack sprayer or a wa­ter­ing can.

2. Feed Lawn - the sec­ond step to achiev­ing a lus­cious green lawn in­volves feed­ing your lawn with OSMO. OSMO is a spe­cial blend of slow re­lease fer­tilis­ers, con­tain­ing a mix of ma­jor and mi­cro nu­tri­ents. The nu­tri­ents in OSMO green your law, with­out forc­ing growth. Evenly ap­ply OSMO over the en­tire lawn area. We rec­om­mend us­ing a lawn spreader, as it will eas­ily spread OSMO evenly over the en­tire lawn. The lawn can be mowed one day af­ter ap­pli­ca­tion.

3. Kill Weeds - the third and fi­nal step for a rich green lawn this year is to kill weeds with Di­cophar Se­lec­tive Weed­killer. Di­cophar Se­lec­tive Weed­killer pro­vides fast and ef­fec­tive con­trol of all ma­jor lawn weeds. This high-strength weed killer shows ef­fec­tive re­sults in short time pe­ri­ods. It kills per­sis­tent broad-leaved weeds with­out harm­ing your soil. For best re­sults, mix 100 ml of Di­cophar to 10 litre’s of wa­ter. Ap­ply on a dry, calm day us­ing a knap­sack to evenly spray the so­lu­tion over the en­tire lawn.

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