L’in­so­li­to mo­no­li­te di Vien­na

Vien­na’s unu­sual mo­no­li­th

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Uso mi­sto: quan­do si par­la di grat­ta­cie­li o gran­di com­ples­si è la formula col­lau­da­ta che ga­ran­ti­sce vi­ta­li­tà al nuo­vo quar­tie­re. Ne­go­zi al pia­no ter­re­no af­fac­cia­ti su una gran­de piaz­za frui­bi­le, pa­le­stre e al­tri ser­vi­zi ap­pe­na so­pra, ho­tel, uf­f­ci. Poi le re­si­den­ze pa­no­ra­mi­che, e ma­ga­ri un ri­sto­ran­te sul tet­to. Uno sche­ma ri­cal­ca­to al­la per­fe­zio­ne dal­le DC To­wer di Vien­na, la n. 1 già fni­ta e inau­gu­ra­ta, la n. 2 an­co­ra can­tie­re. «Le ho pen­sa­te come un gi­gan­te­sco mo­no­li­te spac­ca­to in due», spie­ga l’au­to­re pa­ri­gi­no Do­mi­ni­que Per­rault. «Due parti ine­gua­li che crea­no un ar­co dal­le su­per­f­ci on­du­la­te e scin­til­lan­ti». Ov­ve­ro una por­ta d’in­gres­so a Do­nau City, il più este­so svi­lup­po im­mo­bi­lia­re au­stria­co si­tua­to sul Da­nu­bio. Pro­prio di fron­te al­la Vien­na im­pe­ria­le. (Sa.B.) Mixed use: when it comes to de­si­gning sky­scra­pers or lar­ge com­ple­xes this is the tried and tru­sted formula that brings vi­bran­cy to a new ur­ban di­strict. Shops at ground-floor level ope­ning on­to a lar­ge pla­za that eve­ryo­ne can access, gyms and other ser­vi­ces on the level abo­ve, ho­tels, of­fi­ces. Then pa­no­ra­mic re­si­den­tial uni­ts on the up­per floors and pos­si­bly even a re­stau­rant on the roof. The pat­tern has been per­fec­tly re­pro­du­ced at the DC To­wer in Vien­na, with To­wer 1 al­rea­dy com­ple­te and inau­gu­ra­ted and To­wer 2 still un­der con­struc­tion. “I thought of them as a giant mo­no­li­th split in two, ex­plains Pa­ri­sian ar­chi­tect Do­mi­ni­que Per­rault. “Two une­qual hal­ves that crea­te an ar­ch, with un­du­la­ting, shim­me­ring sur­fa­ces.” In other words a ga­teway to Do­nau City, Au­stria’s big­ge­st ever pro­per­ty de­ve­lo­p­ment, on the banks of the ri­ver Da­nu­be, over­loo­king the im­pe­rial city itself

La tor­re di Do­mi­ni­que Per­rault sa­rà la por­ta d’ac­ces­so al­la nuo­va espan­sio­ne lun­go il Da­nu­bio

The to­wer, by Do­mi­ni­que Per­rault, will be the en­try point to the new ex­pan­sion along the Da­nu­be

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