Al­le ori­gi­ni di Le Cor­bu­sier

Le Cor­bu­sier’s Ori­gins

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Voya­ge Le Cor­bu­sier è un viag­gio che ini­zia in Sviz­ze­ra, at­tra­ver­sa l’Ita­lia, pas­sa per Fran­cia e Ger­ma­nia, si spo­sta sem­pre più a est fi­no ad ar­ri­va­re in Tur­chia per poi tor­na­re via Gre­cia e Ita­lia. Un viag­gio nar­ra­to at­tra­ver­so gli schiz­zi, gli ac­que­rel­li, i di­se­gni a ma­ti­ta e a pen­na di Jean­ne­ret/ Le Cor­bu­sier. Do­po la scuo­la d’ar­te a La Chau­x­de-Fonds (1902-1907) sot­to la spin­ta di Char­les L’Eplat­te­nier, mae­stro e men­to­re, Le Cor­bu­sier ini­ziò a vi­si­ta­re l’Eu­ro­pa, per os­ser­va­re e im­pa­ra­re. Du­ran­te que­sti viag­gi (1907-1911), l’in­te­res­se di Jean­ne­ret si è pro­gres­si­va­men­te spo­sta­to dal­la flo­ra e fau­na ai det­ta­gli ar­chi­tet­to­ni­ci, per ap­pro­da­re all’ur­ba­ni­sti­ca e all’ar­chi­tet­tu­ra in­te­sa co­me re­la­zio­ne dei vo­lu­mi con lo spa­zio. Un’evo­lu­zio­ne che si ri­flet­te an­che nel­lo sti­le: in prin­ci­pio ri­pro­du­zio­ni det­ta­glia­te, suc­ces­si­va­men­te astra­zio­ne e con­cet­tua­liz­za­zio­ne. Il li­bro of­fre l’oc­ca­sio­ne per sco­pri­re qual­co­sa di più sull’ar­chi­tet­to pri­ma che di­ven­tas­se Le Cor­bu­sier, sul­la sua for­ma­zio­ne, sul­le in­fluen­ze che ne han­no se­gna­to le scel­te fu­tu­re (On prin­ted pa­per). Voya­ge Le Cor­bu­sier is a jour­ney that be­gins in Swi­tzer­land, mo­ves do­wn in­to Ita­ly, cros­ses in­to Fran­ce and then goes on th­rou­gh Ger­ma­ny, con­ti­nuing ea­st­wards un­til it rea­ches Tur­key, be­fo­re tur­ning back on itself and en­te­ring Swi­tzer­land via Gree­ce and Ita­ly again. The jour­ney is told th­rou­gh sket­ches, wa­ter­co­lours, and dra­wings by Jean­ne­ret/Le Cor­bu­sier. Af­ter at­ten­ding art school at La Chaux-de-Fonds, whe­re he was in­fluen­ced by tea­cher and men­tor Char­les L’Eplat­te­nier, Le Cor­bu­sier star­ted vi­si­ting Eu­ro­pe, ob­ser­ving and lear­ning from what he saw. On his tra­vels (1907-1911), Jean­ne­ret’s in­te­re­st gra­dual­ly shif­ted from flo­ra and fau­na to ar­chi­tec­tu­ral de­tails, then to ur­ban plan­ning and the idea of ar­chi­tec­tu­re as so­me­thing that crea­tes re­la­tion­ships bet­ween vo­lu­mes and spa­ces. This evolution is re­flec­ted al­so in his sty­le: to be­gin wi­th he pro­du­ced de­tai­led re­pro­duc­tions, but later be­ca­me mo­re ab­stract and con­cep­tual. The book of­fers an op­por­tu­ni­ty to find out mo­re about the man be­fo­re he be­ca­me Le Cor­bu­sier the ar­chi­tect, about his for­ma­ti­ve years and the things that would in­fluen­ce his fu­tu­re choi­ces

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