Il fu­tu­ro del­la stam­pa 3D

The Fu­tu­re of 3D Prin­ting

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La pos­si­bi­li­tà di ren­de­re un og­get­to uni­co, ma an­che di in­ter­pre­ta­re li­be­ra­men­te l’idea ori­gi­na­le di un au­to­re: que­sto è il nuo­vo oriz­zon­te of­fer­to dal­la tec­no­lo­gia. Ne so­no con­vin­ti De­nis San­ta­chia­ra e Ross Lo­ve­gro­ve

Tech­no­lo­gy now pro­vi­des us wi­th the pos­si­bi­li­ty of ren­de­ring an ob­ject uni­que, but al­so that of free­ly in­ter­pre­ting the ori­gi­nal idea of a de­si­gner: De­nis San­ta­chia­ra and Ross Lo­ve­gro­ve are con­vin­ced of it «Da una par­te ci so­no le mac­chi­ne do­me­sti­che eco­no­mi­che, idea­li per crea­re pro­to­ti­pi o per una sor­ta di bri­co­la­ge evo­lu­to, e dall’al­tro quel­le pro­fes­sio­na­li, co­sto­sis­si­me, con cui or­mai si rea­liz­za­no an­che pro­dot­ti pron­ti per la ven­di­ta». Co­sì De­nis San­ta­chia­ra de­fi­ni­sce lo spar­tiac­que nel mon­do del­la stam­pa 3D. Tut­ta­via le no­vi­tà in ar­ri­vo dal CES di Las Ve­gas – la più im­por­tan­te fie­ra mon­dia­le dell’elet­tro­ni­ca di con­su­mo – mo­stra­no che que­sta dif­fe­ren­za si col­me­rà in po­chi an­ni. Fi­no a ie­ri le pic­co­le stam­pan­ti 3D po­te­va­no la­vo­ra­re so­lo pla­sti­che mo­no­cro­ma­ti­che con ri­sul­ta­ti di mo­de­sta qua­li­tà, men­tre og­gi non man­ca­no so­lu­zio­ni al­ter­na­ti­ve, dal­la Mcor Ar­ke che rea­liz­za og­get­ti dal­la no­te­vo­le re­sa sce­ni­ca sa­go­man­do, in­col­lan­do e co­lo­ran­do fo­gli di car­ta, al­la stam­pan­te di pla­sti­ca a due co­lo­ri da Vin­ci 2.0 Mix di XYZ­prin­ting, a pro­dot­ti co­me Vo­xel8 “On the one hand the­re are cheap ma­chi­nes for use at ho­me, whi­ch are ideal for the crea­tion of pro­to­ty­pes or for an ad­van­ced sort of do-ity­our­self, and on the other the­re are the pro­fes­sio­nal and ex­tre­me­ly ex­pen­si­ve ones, whi­ch are now used to ma­ke pro­duc­ts rea­dy for sa­le.” This is how De­nis San­ta­chia­ra de­fi­nes the di­vi­sions in the world of 3D prin­ting. Ho­we­ver, the in­no­va­tions on di­splay at the CES in Las Ve­gas – the world’s mo­st im­por­tant con­su­mer elec­tro­nics fair – show that this gap will be brid­ged wi­thin a few years. Up un­til ve­ry re­cen­tly small 3D prin­ters could on­ly work mo­no­chro­ma­tic pla­stic wi­th re­sul­ts of mo­de­st qua­li­ty, but to­day the­re is no lack of al­ter­na­ti­ve so­lu­tions. The­se ran­ge from the Mcor Ar­ke, whi­ch ma­kes ob­jec­ts of re­mar­ka­ble sce­nic ef­fect by sha­ping, gluing and co­lou­ring shee­ts of pa­per, to XYZ­prin­ting’s da Vin­ci 2.0 Mix prin­ter, whi­ch uses pla­stic of two dif­fe­rent co­lours,


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