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In Ve­ni­ce the spa­ce Le Stan­ze del Ve­tro de­di­ca­tes up to 8 Ja­nua­ry 2017 an ex­hi­bi­tion to the ex­traor­di­na­ry fi­gu­re of the Mi­la­ne­se en­tre­pre­neur Pao­lo Ve­ni­ni (1895-1959), foun­der of the ho­mo­ny­mous Mu­ra­no fur­na­ce. Cu­ra­ted by Ma­ri­no Ba­ro­vier, the ex­hi­bi­tion of mo­re than 300 pie­ces fo­cu­ses mo­stly on the tec­ni­ques stu­died from the 1950s, li­ke zan­fi­ri­co, “mo­sai­co tes­su­to” (wo­ven mo­saic), mur­ri­ne and in­ci­sed glass. And on the ma­ny ar­tists who col­la­bo­ra­ted wi­th him in tho­se years, su­ch as Ty­ra Lund­gren, Gio Pon­ti, Pie­tro For­na­set­ti, Ric­car­do Li­ca­ta, Mas­si­mo Vi­gnel­li and To­bia Scar­pa. Dal­lo scor­so giu­gno il ce­le­bre edi­fi­cio rea­liz­za­to da Brunelleschi tra il 1419 e il 1445 è aper­to al pub­bli­co co­me Mu­seo che rac­con­ta i 600 anni di sto­ria di que­sta isti­tu­zio­ne, un tem­po or­fa­no­tro­fio, og­gi de­di­ca­ta al­la tu­te­la e al­la pro­mo­zio­ne del­la cul­tu­ra dei di­rit­ti dell’in­fan­zia. Il pro­get­to, rea­liz­za­to dal team fio­ren­ti­no Ipo­stu­dio (vin­ci­to­re di un con­cor­so in­ter­na­zio­na­le in­det­to nel 2008), pro­po­ne di­ver­se no­vi­tà: un si­ste­ma di in­gres­si su Piaz­za SS. An­nun­zia­ta, l’aper­tu­ra al pub­bli­co del pia­no se­min­ter­ra­to co­me par­te del per­cor­so mu­sea­le, la rea­liz­za­zio­ne di un nuo­vo si­ste­ma di col­le­ga­men­ti ver­ti­ca­li, il rial­le­sti­men­to del­la pi­na­co­te­ca. E in­fi­ne la re­sti­tu­zio­ne al­la cit­tà – co­me caf­fet­te­ria – del ma­gni­fi­co Ve­ro­ne, la gran­de log­gia­sten­di­to­io con splen­di­de vi­sua­li sui tet­ti di Fi­ren­ze. (EF) Star­ting from la­st Ju­ne the fa­mous pa­laz­zo built by Brunelleschi bet­ween 1419 and 1445 reo­pe­ned to the pu­blic as a Mu­seum of the 600 years of hi­sto­ry of this In­sti­tu­tion, on­ce or­pha­na­ge, to­day de­di­ca­ted to the pro­mo­tion of a cul­tu­re of chil­dren’s rights. The pro­ject was car­ried out by the Flo­ren­ti­ne team at Ipo­stu­dio, whi­ch won an in­ter­na­tio­nal com­pe­ti­tion that was laun­ched in 2008, and of­fers se­ve­ral news: the en­tran­ce area on Piaz­za SS. An­nun­zia­ta, the ope­ning of the ba­se­ment le­vel as part of the mu­seum, the crea­tion of ver­ti­cal con­nec­ting in­fra­struc­tu­re, and the re-de­si­gn of the pi­na­co­te­ca’s han­ging sy­stem. A new ve­nue is al­so the re­de­di­ca­tion to the ci­ty as a ca­fé of the ma­gni­fi­cent Ve­ro­ne, the great log­gia­dry­ing area wi­th splen­did views over the roof­tops of Flo­ren­ce

The pro­ject by Ipo­stu­dio, win­ner of the com­pe­ti­tion, brings back to li­fe the Spe­da­le de­gli In­no­cen­ti. Fi­nal­ly open to the pu­blic

A Ve­ne­zia, lo spa­zio Le Stan­ze del Ve­tro all’Iso­la di San Gior­gio de­di­ca fi­no all’8 gen­na­io 2017 una mo­stra al­la straor­di­na­ria fi­gu­ra dell’im­pren­di­to­re mi­la­ne­se Pao­lo Ve­ni­ni (1895-1959), fon­da­to­re dell’omo­ni­ma for­na­ce mu­ra­ne­se. Cu­ra­ta da Ma­ri­no Ba­ro­vier, l’espo­si­zio­ne di ol­tre 300 pez­zi si con­cen­tra so­prat­tut­to sul­le tec­ni­che mes­se a pun­to da­gli anni 50, co­me lo zan­fi­ri­co, il mo­sai­co tes­su­to, la mur­ri­na e il ve­tro in­ci­so. E sui tan­ti ar­ti­sti con cui Ve­ni­ni col­la­bo­rò in que­gli anni, tra cui Ty­ra Lund­gren, Gio Pon­ti, Pie­tro For­na­set­ti, Ric­car­do Li­ca­ta, Mas­si­mo Vi­gnel­li e To­bia Scar­pa. (EF)

Pao­lo Ve­ni­ni, la se­rie Dia­man­te, 1934-36.

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