Va­ti­ca­no Moon­light Ef­fect

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Una nuo­va lu­ce inon­da piaz­za San Pie­tro, cuo­re di Cit­tà del Va­ti­ca­no. Me­ri­to dei 132 pro­iet­to­ri a Led for­ni­ti da Osram: di not­te pro­du­co­no una pia­ce­vo­le lu­ce na­tu­ra­le “ef­fet­to lu­na” che va­lo­riz­za la po­ten­te ar­chi­tet­tu­ra del Ber­ni­ni, ol­tre a ga­ran­ti­re un ri­spar­mio ener­ge­ti­co del 70 per cen­to ri­spet­to al pre­ce­den­te im­pian­to. L’azien­da ave­va già col­la­bo­ra­to con il Va­ti­ca­no nel 2014 in oc­ca­sio­ne del re­stau­ro del­la Cap­pel­la Si­sti­na. An­che in quel ca­so è la tec­no­lo­gia Led di ul­ti­ma ge­ne­ra­zio­ne a pro­teg­ge­re e met­te­re in ri­sal­to il ci­clo di af­fre­schi ca­po­la­vo­ro di Mi­che­lan­ge­lo. (MM)

A new light is floo­ding St Pe­ter’s Squa­re, the heart of Va­ti­can Ci­ty. It ico­mes from 132 LED flood­lights sup­plied by Osram: at night they pro­du­ce an plea­sant na­tu­ral “moon­light ef­fect” that se­ts off Ber­ni­ni’s stun­ning ar­chi­tec­tu­re as well as re­du­cing ener­gy usa­ge by 70 per cent wi­th re­spect to the pre­vious sy­stem. The com­pa­ny had al­rea­dy wor­ked wi­th the Va­ti­can in 2014 on the oc­ca­sion of the re­sto­ra­tion of the Si­sti­ne Cha­pel. In that ca­se too it was the la­te­st ge­ne­ra­tion of LEDs that we­re used to pro­tect and en­han­ce Mi­che­lan­ge­lo’s ma­ster­pie­ce, the fre­scoes on the cei­ling. La teie­ra fir­ma­ta da / Tea­pot by Ales­san­dro Guer­rie­ro.

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