Una cul­la evo­lu­ta /

An Ad­van­ced Crad­le

Abitare - - BOO­STER -

L’eser­ci­to di og­get­ti in­tel­li­gen­ti che po­po­la gli am­bien­ti do­me­sti­ci as­su­me ogni gior­no nuo­ve re­clu­te, pen­sa­te e pro­get­ta­te per sem­pli­fi­car­ci la vi­ta e spes­so per so­sti­tuir­si a noi. Fa le ve­ci del ge­ni­to­re Snoo, cul­la smart ca­pa­ce di cal­ma­re il neo­na­to e far­lo ad­dor­men­ta­re in un mi­nu­to. Pro­dot­ta dal­la start up ca­li­fo­nia­na Hap­pie­st Ba­by, fon­da­ta dal pe­dia­tra e spe­cia­li­sta di svi­lup­po in­fan­ti­le Har­vey Karp, Snoo è sta­ta pro­get­ta­ta da un’equi­pe del MIT Me­dia Lab in col­la­bo­ra­zio­ne con il de­si­gner sviz­ze­ro Yves Bé­har. Il let­ti­no hi­gh-te­ch, do­ta­to di una fa­scia di con­te­ni­men­to, ha sen­so­ri che ri­le­va­no i mo­vi­men­ti del be­bè e au­to­ma­ti­ca­men­te azio­na­no un mec­ca­ni­smo che nin­na, dif­fon­de i co­sid­det­ti ru­mo­ri bian­chi ti­pi­ci dell’ute­ro ma­ter­no e re­gi­stra su un’ap­pli­ca­zio­ne ap­po­si­ta i ci­cli del son­no. (AP) Eve­ry day the ar­my of in­tel­li­gent ob­jec­ts th­ron­ging our ho­mes is joi­ned by new re­crui­ts, con­cei­ved and de­si­gned to sim­pli­fy our li­ves and of­ten to ta­ke our pla­ce. One that stands in for a pa­rent is Snoo, a smart crad­le able to calm a new-born ba­by and send it off to sleep in a mi­nu­te. Ma­de by the Ca­li­for­nian start-up Hap­pie­st Ba­by, foun­ded by the pae­dia­tri­cian and child de­ve­lo­p­ment spe­cia­li­st Har­vey Karp, Snoo was de­si­gned by a team at the MIT Me­dia Lab in col­la­bo­ra­tion wi­th the Swiss de­si­gner Yves Bé­har. The hi­gh-te­ch bas­si­net, fit­ted wi­th me­sh si­des, has sen­sors that de­tect the mo­ve­men­ts of the ba­by and au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly trig­ger a roc­king me­cha­ni­sm, as well as emit­ting whi­te noi­se at le­vels ty­pi­cal of a mo­ther’s womb and re­cor­ding the sleep cy­cle on a spe­cial app.

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