Con­ta­mi­na­zio­ni cul­tu­ra­li

Cul­tu­ral Cros­so­vers

Abitare - - Ancora Sedie -

So­no ven­ti­tré gli ele­men­ti as­sem­bla­ti a com­por­re N01, na­ta dall’in­con­tro tra Oki Sa­to e Fri­tz Han

sen. La se­dia stu­pi­sce per il buon equi­li­brio tra es­sen­zia­li­tà nip­po­ni­ca e know-how nor­deu­ro­peo nel­la la­vo­ra­zio­ne del le­gno: se­du­ta e schie­na­le ri­sul­ta­no dal­la so­vrap­po­si­zio­ne di no­ve fo­gli di mul­ti­stra­to, sup­por­ta­ti da gam­be di mas­sel­lo a in­ca­stro.

23 ele­men­ts co­me to­ge­ther to form N01, the re­sult of the hap­py mee­ting bet­ween Oki Sa­to and

Fri­tz Han­sen. The chair is re­mar­ka­ble for the way in whi­ch it stri­kes a ba­lan­ce bet­ween Ja­pa­ne­se sim­pli­ci­ty and nor­th Eu­ro­pean know-how in the field of wood pro­ces­sing: the seat and back are an over­lay of ni­ne layers of ply­wood, sup­por­ted on so­lid woo­den legs that slot in­to pla­ce.

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