Mo­der­no ri­vi­si­ta­to

The Mo­dern Revisited

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| So­no sem­pre di più i ca­po­la­vo­ri no­ve­cen­te­schi mi­la­ne­si che ne­ces­si­ta­no di ade­gua­men­ti. Si po­ne il te­ma di co­me far­li ri­vi­ve­re. Dal re­stau­ro fi­lo­lo­gi­co all’in­te­gra­zio­ne do­cu­men­ta­ta, ec­co quat­tro in­ter­ven­ti re­cen­ti par­ti­co­lar­men­te in­te­res­san­ti

/ The­re are ma­ny 20th-cen­tu­ry ma­ster­pie­ces in Mi­lan in need of re­fur­bish­ment. This rai­ses the que­stion of how to re­no­va­te them and gi­ve them a new lea­se of li­fe. He­re are four par­ti­cu­lar­ly in­te­re­sting re­cent in­ter­ven­tions, ran­ging from fai­th­ful re­sto­ra­tion to do­cu­men­ted in­te­gra­tion

a rchi­tet­tu­ra

1 Ca’ Brüt­ta, 1919-22 Gio­van­ni Mu­zio

2 Chie­sa a Ba­ran­za­te, 1956-58 Man­gia­rot­ti, Mo­ras­sut­ti, Fa­vi­ni

3 Eu­ge­nio La Se­re­nis­si­ma, ed Ermenegildo 1962-68 Son­ci­ni

4 Pa­leo­ca­pa 7, 1947-66 Pie­tro Lin­ge­ri


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