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| Dal­la ca­sa all’uf­fi­cio, mas­si­ma li­ber­tà nel­la di­spo­si­zio­ne de­gli ele­men­ti di ar­re­do con­ce­pi­ti da RI­MA­DE­SIO per adat­tar­si all’am­bien­te / From the ho­me to the of­fi­ce, to­tal free­dom in the lay­out of fur­ni­shing ele­men­ts, de­si­gned by Ri­ma­de­sio to adapt to the in­door spa­ce

Tra i pio­nie­ri del­le so­lu­zio­ni d’ar­re­do per spa­zi flui­di, do­ve la di­stin­zio­ne tra ca­sa e uf­fi­cio, pub­bli­co e pri­va­to si dis­sol­ve, c’è si­cu­ra­men­te Ri­ma­de­sio. L’azien­da di Gius­sa­no (Mi­la­no) por­ta al Sa­lo­ne di que­st’an­no un am­plia­men­to del­la gam­ma de­di­ca­ta al­la zo­na gior­no, nuo­ve por­te scor­re­vo­li, an­che da in­te­grar­si al­le esi­sten­ti, e un oc­chio di ri­guar­do all’ar­re­do per gli spa­zi pro­fes­sio­na­li. L’art di­rec­tor Giu­sep­pe Ba­vu­so, vent’an­ni di col­la­bo­ra­zio­ne con l’azien­da, già au­to­re del si­ste­ma Flat che esem­pli­fi­ca be­ne l’adat­ta­men­to di una ti­po­lo­gia, co­me il ta­vo­lo da pran­zo, all’area la­vo­ro: «Per Ri­ma­de­sio, abi­tua­ta a la­vo­ra­re ma­te­ria­li an­che mol­to tec­ni­ci co­me ve­tro e al­lu­mi­nio, è ri­sul­ta­to na­tu­ra­le de­di­car­si a dei con­cept che dal re­si­den­zia­le pos­sa­no tran­si­ta­re, op­por­tu­na­men­te ri­vi­sti, nell’area di la­vo­ro». E in­fat­ti al Sa­lo­ne vie­ne pre­sen­ta­ta una vi­sio­ne d’in­sie­me dell’of­fer­ta. «At­tra­ver­so la formula Bet­ween Spa­ces met­te­re­mo in sce­na un gran­de am­bien­te do­ve i di­ver­si si­ste­mi dia­lo­ghe­ran­no tra di lo­ro, con le novità di pro­dot­to co­me i pic­co­li com­ple­men­ti, sug­ge­ren­do la mas­si­ma li­ber­tà di col­lo­ca­zio­ne ai no­stri clien­ti».

One of the pio­neers of fur­ni­shing so­lu­tions for fluid spa­ces, whe­re the­re is a blur­ring of the di­stinc­tion bet­ween ho­me and of­fi­ce, bet­ween pu­blic and pri­va­te, is un­doub­ted­ly Ri­ma­de­sio. This year the firm, ba­sed in Gius­sa­no (near Mi­lan), is brin­ging to the Fair an ex­ten­sion to its li­ving area ran­ge, and new sli­ding doors, in­clu­ding ones that can be ad­ded on­to exi­sting sy­stems, wi­th spe­cial at­ten­tion to fur­ni­shings for pro­fes­sio­nal spa­ces. Art di­rec­tor Giu­sep­pe Ba­vu­so, who has wor­ked wi­th the firm for 20 years, was the crea­tor of the Flat sy­stem, a good exam­ple of the ways in whi­ch so­me­thing li­ke a di­ning ta­ble can be adap­ted to the work area. “For Ri­ma­de­sio, ac­cu­sto­med as it is to wor­king wi­th even qui­te tech­ni­cal ma­te­rials li­ke glass and alu­mi­nium, it was on­ly na­tu­ral that we would turn our at­ten­tion to con­cep­ts that, sui­ta­bly re­vi­sed, can tran­si­tion from the re­si­den­tial sec­tor to the wor­k­pla­ce,” he says. And an over­view of their pro­duc­ts is on show at the Fair. “Using the Bet­ween Spa­ces formula, we are crea­ting a lar­ge spa­ce whe­re the dif­fe­rent sy­stems in­te­ract, and pre­sen­ting new pro­duc­ts su­ch as small com­ple­men­ts, of­fe­ring clien­ts to­tal free­dom of lay­out.”

1 An of­fi­ce by Rimadesio 2 Ta­ble Man­ta 3 Giu­sep­pe Ba­vu­so, Da­vi­de Mal­ber­ti


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