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LE TRA­ME, gli in­trec­ci e le in­fi­ni­te de­cli­na­zio­ni del tri­cot so­no fon­te di ispi­ra­zio­ne per l’azien­da Bu­dri, che ha af­fi­da­to i suoi mar­mi pre­zio­si al­la de­si­gner Pa­tri­cia Ur­quio­la per­ché li in­ter­pre­tas­se guar­dan­do al­le mor­bi­dez­ze di que­sta an­ti­ca ar­te tes­si­le. Lo sga­bel­lo e il cof­fee ta­ble dai to­ni pa­stel­lo del­la col­le­zio­ne NAT|F|USE ri­cor­da­no il ca­lo­re del­la la­na la­vo­ra­ta all’un­ci­net­to, men­tre la boi­se­rie mo­du­la­re di mar­mo bian­co di Car­ra­ra ri­pro­du­ce la sof­fi­ci­tà del­la ma­glia la­vo­ra­ta a ma­no. In tre di­men­sio­ni i va­si ci­lin­dri­ci ro­sa e bian­chi di­se­gna­ti a bas­so­ri­lie­vo. (IG) THE END­LESS VA­RIE­TY of in­ter­wo­ven pat­terns crea­ted by knit­ting and cro­chet work we­re the in­spi­ra­tion for this new col­lec­tion from Bu­dri, whi­ch com­mis­sio­ned Pa­tri­cia Ur­quio­la to co­n­ju­re a sen­se of the soft­ness of this an­cient tex­ti­le tech­ni­que. The pa­stel-co­lou­red stool and cof­fee ta­ble of the NAT|F|USE col­lec­tion re­call the warm­th of wool that has been crocheted, whi­le the mo­du­lar whi­te Car­ra­ra mar­ble boi­se­rie re­pro­du­ces the soft­ness of hand-knit­ted wool. The cy­lin­dri­cal pink and whi­te va­ses wi­th bas-re­lief designs co­me in th­ree si­zes.

Sga­bel­lo e cof­fee ta­ble (si­ni­stra) e va­so (so­pra) fan­no parte del­la col­le­zio­ne Tri­cot di Bu­dri. Stool and cof­fee ta­ble (left) and va­se (abo­ve) are part of the Bu­dri’s Tri­cot col­lec­tion.

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