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IL NUO­VO ENSAMBLE EDU­CA­TI­VO di Te­ren­to (Bol­za­no) de­gli au­stria­ci Feld72 rac­chiu­de un asi­lo, una scuo­la ele­men­ta­re, una bi­blio­te­ca e una men­sa, ospi­ta­ti all’in­ter­no di due edi­fi­ci, uno di nuo­va co­stru­zio­ne, l’al­tro ri­sa­len­te agli an­ni Set­tan­ta, ri­strut­tu­ra­to in fun­zio­ne del­le nuo­ve esi­gen­ze. La strut­tu­ra è il ri­sul­ta­to dell’in­te­ra­zio­ne in­stau­ra­ta dai pro­get­ti­sti con i frui­to­ri del­la scuo­la e con il re­sto del­la co­mu­ni­tà. La bi­blio­te­ca, col­lo­ca­ta di fron­te ad al­tri edi­fi­ci pub­bli­ci, crea re­la­zio­ni con la vi­ta del pae­se. (Fran­ce­sca Od­do) THE NEW EDU­CA­TIO­NAL COM­PLEX in Te­ren­to (Bol­za­no) by the Au­strian Feld72 in­clu­de a nur­se­ry school, an ele­men­ta­ry school, a li­bra­ry and a can­teen, hou­sed in­si­de two buil­dings. One is new­ly built and the other from the 1970s was re­no­va­ted to re­spond to the new needs. The struc­tu­re is the re­sult of the in­te­rac­tion esta­bli­shed by the ar­chi­tec­ts wi­th the users of the school and wi­th the re­st of the com­mu­ni­ty. The li­bra­ry was pla­ced in front of other pu­blic buil­dings to in­te­ract wi­th the li­fe of the to­wn.

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