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GIO­IEL­LE­RIA D’AR­TI­STA da Cal­der a Koons è in cor­so al Mu­sée des Arts Dé­co­ra­tifs di Pa­ri­gi fi­no all’8 lu­glio: pic­co­li mo­ni­li or­ga­ni­ci al­la poe­ti­ca di cia­scun ar­ti­sta so­no col­lo­ca­ti ac­can­to a gran­di scul­tu­re. AR­TISTS’ JEWELRY from Cal­der to Koons can be seen at the Mu­sée des Arts Dé­co­ra­tifs in Pa­ris un­til 8 Ju­ly: stem­ming or­ga­ni­cal­ly from the poe­tics of ea­ch ar­ti­st, small jewelry items are di­splayed along­si­de lar­ge sculp­tu­res.

Or­lan, Bro­che Tê­te de fou, 2010, Ar­cas, Col­lec­tion Dia­ne Ve­net.

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