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Han­no fat­to il gi­ro del mon­do le scul­tu­re di Ar­nal­do Po­mo­do­ro, che fe­steg­gia il 90° com­plean­no con un’an­to­lo­gi­ca a Pa­laz­zo Rea­le e in al­tri luo­ghi chia­ve del­la cit­tà. Im­man­ca­bi­li le che rac­chiu­do­no fit­te tra­me se­gni­che.

Ce­le­bra­ting pie­ces. His sculp­tu­res are fa­mous world­wi­de: Ar­nal­do Po­mo­do­ro ce­le­bra­tes his 90th birthday wi­th an ex­hi­bit at Pa­laz­zo Rea­le and other key pla­ces in Milan. Not to be mis­sed, the Sphe­res.

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