An im­mer­si­ve feel of na­tu­re

Area Wellness - - Case History - Di Iva­no Ma­roc­chi

Whe­ther guests are loo­king for a su­stai­na­ble ap­proa­ch to va­ca­tio­ning or a well­ness re­treat, at the Gra­don­na Moun­tain Re­sort Cha­le­ts & Ho­tel they will find all their needs and con­cerns at­ten­ded to. The re­sort re­qui­res eve­ryo­ne to lea­ve their ve­hi­cles in the un­der­ground car park du­ring their stay at the ho­tel, on­ly on­ce this re­qui­re­ment has been ful­fil­led will guests rea­ch the ai­ry re­cep­tion area wi­th its wi­de spa­ces and lar­ge sculp­tu­res ma­de by lo­cal ar­tists. The Ho­tel is tuc­ked in a gi­gan­tic mass that in­spi­red its na­me, at 1350 me­ters it to­wers over near­by Kals, a small vil­la­ge at the ba­se of the Gros­sloc­k­ner and its na­tio­nal park. Sui­tes and rooms are di­stri­bu­ted along its twel­ve floors and wi­thin the 41 wood Cha­le­ts that sur­round the main struc­tu­re. The re­la­tion­ship wi­th the sur­roun­ding na­tu­re is con­stan­tly pre­sent, ea­ch room fa­ces the val­ley and wall to cei­ling win­do­ws am­pli­fy the spec­ta­cu­lar views and im­mer­si­ve feel of na­tu­re and moun­tain. In or­der to re­pli­ca­te this fee­ling in the well­ness area the ar­chi­tec­ts de­ve­lo­ped a de­si­gn that wraps around the struc­tu­re and leads guests to the heart of the SPA. The­re is a lu­sh out­door gar­den, whe­re the pool is the real sum­mer at­trac­tion, on sun­ny days guests sun­ba­the out­doors. The green grass is per­fec­tly ten­ded to by the gar­de­ners and is the ideal pla­ce for yo­ga clas­ses and me­di­ta­tion, near­by the­re is even a sum­mer ba­thing la­ke that is hea­ted wi­th so­lar pa­nels. Glass pa­nes di­vi­de the out­doors from the in­door hea­ted pools, the lat­ter thought for the youn­ge­st guests. Lot of at­ten­tion to de­tail was pla­ced in ma­king an en­vi­ron­ment that would be warm and friend­ly to fa­mi­lies for a ho­tel that is in­cre­di­bly in­clu­si­ve. The on­ly spa­ces re­stric­ted to adul­ts on­ly are in the sau­na and mas­sa­ge area, whe­re the en­vi­ron­men­ts are quiet and re­ser­ved. The well­ness treat­men­ts of­fe­red to the guests are clear­ly li­sted and avai­la­ble in the va­rious areas, form tho­se in the hu­mid en­vi­ron­men­ts to the re­la­xa­tion rooms, the­re is so­me­thing for eve­ryo­ne. Guests can choo­se to fo­cus on their bo­dy or sim­ply to re­lax their sen­ses and re­sto­re their mind-bo­dy ba­lan­ce.

Pa­sco­li, D’an­nun­zio e Dan­te Ali- ghie­ri so­no so­lo al­cu­ni de­gli au­to­ri che han­no ci­ta­to all’in­ter­no del­le lo­ro ope­re il fiu­me Ser­chio e l’omo­ni­ma val­le che que­sto ge­ne­ra pas­san­do per la To­sca­na. “Que­sto è il Ser­chio al qua­le han­no at­tin­to due­mil'an­ni for­se di gen­te mia cam­pa­gno­la e mio pa­dre e mia ma­dre [...]” scri­ve­va Giu­sep­pe Un­ga­ret­ti nel­la ce­le­bre poe­sia “I fiu­mi”, fa­cen­do ri­fe­ri­men­to al­la sua ter­ra d’ori­gi­ne, la pro­vin­cia di Luc­ca, af­fa­sci­nan­te e mi­ste­rio­sa a ca­val­lo tra le Al­pi Apua­ne e l’ap­pen­ni­no To­sco Emi­lia­no, do­ta­ta di una ric­ca ve­ge­ta­zio­ne all’in­ter­no del­la qua­le an­ti­chi bor­ghi me­dioe­va­li si er­go­no a te­sti­mo­nia­re se­co­li di sto­ria e tra­di­zio­ni, fer­mi nel tem­po e nel­la me­mo­ria col­let­ti­va. Ol­tre­pas­san­do il co­sid­det­to Pon­te del Dia­vo­lo, su di una col­li­na che do­mi­na il pae­se di Bar­ga, sor­ge il par­co na­tu­ra­le di 600 et­ta­ri che ospi­ta il Re­nais­san­ce Tu­sca­ny Il Cioc­co Re­sort & SPA. Di­stan­te so­lo

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