The fla­vour of the Re­nais­san­ce

Area Wellness - - Case History -

A woo­ded park of over 600 acres over­looks the vil­la­ge of Bar­ga from a hi­gh hill­top. Wi­thin this park is the Re­nais­san­ce Tu­sca­ny Il Cioc­co Re­sort & SPA. Ju­st an hour from Pi­sa, Luc­ca and Flo­ren­ce, the struc­tu­re boasts 180 rooms wi­th lar­ge win­do­ws from whi­ch to view the uni­que pa­no­ra­ma of the Ser­chio Val­ley. The struc­tu­re al­so has an à la cart re­stau­rant cal­led “La Ve­ran­da” whe­re ta­ste and pas­sion for lo­cal pro­duc­ts co­me to­ge­ther in a me­nu that of­fers a ri­ch se­ries of re­gio­nal de­li­ca­cies. Even the well roun­ded wi­ne li­st sup­ports lo­cal vi­neyards and pairs ex­cel­len­tly wi­th the or­ga­nic and lo­cal­ly sour­ced in­gre­dien­ts. What ma­kes the Re­nais­san­ce Tu­sca­ny Il Cioc­co Re­sort & SPA ideal for stays is wi­thout a doubt its ap­proa­ch to well­ness and its SPA. Wi­thin a mi­ni­ma­li­st en­vi­ron­ment, ve­ry whi­te wi­th strong re­fe­ren­ces to the sur­roun­ding na­tu­re, guests of the struc­tu­re can en­joy treat­men­ts of­fe­red from the beau­ty Day SPA and the well­ness area whi­ch is com­pri­sed of a hea­ted pool wi­th hy­drau­lic je­ts, up­stream swim­ming, cer­vi­cal wa­ter­falls, a soft sau­na, emo­tio­nal sho­wers wi­th chro­mo and aro­ma­the­ra­py, an ice foun­tain and a Tur­ki­sh ba­th. Among the va­rious treat­men­ts avai­la­ble what real­ly stands out are the “Re­nais­san­ce Tu­sca­ny” si­gna­tu­re ri­tuals su­ch as the vol­ca­nic fa­ce & bo­dy treat­ment, whe­re guests will ex­pe­rien­ce an ef­fer­ve­scent sen­so­rial wa­ter­fall that is ma­de up of pre­cious oils that are then ab­sor­bed via a con­cen­tra­ted mas­sa­ge wi­th dio­ri­te, a vol­ca­nic sto­ne. The­re is al­so the Blue Har­mo­ny Treat­ment, a real jour­ney that be­gins wi­th a sap­phi­re du­st and co­ral al­gae pee­ling fol­lo­wed by wa­ter treat­men­ts and fi­ni­shed wi­th a sti­mu­la­ting head to toe mas­sa­ge. The Do­mus Olea To­sca­na bio treat­ment is al­so wor­th men­tio­ning as it is a bo­dy and fa­ce an­ti­o­xi­dant and hy­dra­ting op­tion that ta­kes ad­van­ta­ge of or­ga­nic pro­duc­ts who­se ac­ti­ve prin­ci­pals are ex­trac­ts of vi­nes and oli­ve trees. This la­st treat­ment in­clu­des a pee­ling fol­lo­wed by an an­ti-age ma­sk that is ap­plied via mas­sa­ge on the scalp, fa­ce and bo­dy along wi­th a spe­cial se­rum pla­ced around eyes and mou­th.

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