Ita­lian de­si­gn in the sou­th of Fran­ce

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Ma­con, a small ci­ty that ri­ses on the Sao­na Ri­ver, can be seen from afar from tho­se who ar­ri­ve from the sou­th of Fran­ce. Wi­thin the to­wn’s ma­ze of small stree­ts and bends is the St. Pier­re Chur­ch, who­se di­rect nei­gh­bor is the Atrium SPA & Beau­tè. The SPA, crea­ted wi­thin an an­cient crypt, was de­si­gned by the Ita­lian stu­dio of Al­ber­to Apo­sto­li. The spa­ce opens itself to guests wi­th a re­fi­ned hall in me­ti­cu­lous New-ba­ro­que sty­le and is the area whe­re beau­ty treat­men­ts for fa­ce, hands and hair ta­ke pla­ce. The ove­rall spa­ce spreads over two floors and from the main hall guests can ac­cess the lo­wer le­vel via a stair­ca­se ma­de en­ti­re­ly of whi­te ce­ra­mics wi­th a mar­ble ef­fect. The se­cond area re­pre­sen­ts the real heart of the pro­ject, and as soon as one en­ters it the vi­si­tors are trans­por­ted to an an­cient, my­sti­cal and me­die­val at­mo­sphe­re. The fir­st im­pres­sion is that of being wi­thin a crypt, so­me­thing plau­si­ble due to the pro­xi­mi­ty of the St. Pier­re chur­ch, but the pro­po­sed con­cept put for­th by Al­ber­to Apo­sto­li con­sists in hi­ghlighting the exi­sting won­ders wi­th stra­te­gi­cal­ly pla­ced lighting that would work to ba­lan­ce out the ex­pres­si­ve­ness of the spa­ce and the in­te­gra­tion of new struc­tu­ral ele­men­ts. A long cur­ved cor­ri­dor di­vi­des the hu­mid area from the treat­ment rooms along whi­ch the­re is a ta­pe­stry that de­pic­ts the Ma­con vi­neyards, re­no­w­ned for their Char­don­nay, whi­ch al­so works to keep the ven­ti­la­tion ap­pa­ra­tus out of view and to gi­ve fur­ther­dep­th to the spa­ce. “I im­me­dia­te­ly rea­li­zed that the­re was a lot of po­ten­tial for the spa­ce, but at the sa­me ti­me the­re we­re so­me se­rious tech­ni­cal and struc­tu­ral com­pli­ca­tions”, com­men­ts Al­ber­to Apo­sto­li. “We tried to crea­te emo­tions th­rou­gh a pro­ject that would work on pro­du­cing a lay­out that would be sim­ple but not ob­vious, ma­king a con­si­de­ra­ble ef­fort in terms of lighting, and loo­king for ma­te­rials that would work tech­ni­cal­ly and would be ideal for our con­struc­tion pur­po­ses. The SPA is a great op­por­tu­ni­ty to end a day spent vi­si­ting the ma­ny wi­neyards anc lo­cal cel­lars.

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