Hi­sto­ry and tra­di­tion in Aba­no

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The Eu­ga­nean Hills, a group of hills of vol­ca­nic ori­gin, con­sti­tu­te the fir­st re­gio­nal park of the Ve­ne­to re­gion. Em­bel­li­shed by me­die­val vil­la­ges, for­tres­ses, ca­stles, pa­tri­cian vil­las, and mu­seums, the area is al­so the ideal de­sti­na­tion for tho­se who lo­ve na­tu­re, bi­king, and hi­king, but al­so art and hi­sto­ry. Aba­no Ter­me, con­si­de­red the ol­de­st and mo­st im­por­tant hot springs SPAS in Eu­ro­pe, has been well kno­wn sin­ce the VI cen­tu­ry B.C. and, its great im­por­tan­ce in an­ti­qui­ty is al­so do­cu­men­ted by nu­me­rous quo­tes by La­tin wri­ters, in­clu­ding Pli­ny the El­der and Mar­tial. Aba­no Ter­me is al­so kno­wn as the gar­den ci­ty, due to the pre­sen­ce of parks, ex­clu­si­ve shops, ca­fés, and ice cream par­lors. Ho­tel Mio­ni Pez­za­to & SPA means “li­ving the hi­sto­ry” of the ci­ty. Built in 1915, is among the ol­de­st hot springs SPA in Eu­ro­pe. The ele­gant fea­tu­res of the rooms, the well-kno­wn tra­di­tion cui­si­ne, and the ex­pan­se of the pri­va­te park, are the ideal set­ting for a stri­kin­gly en­joya­ble and re­ge­ne­ra­ting ho­li­day. Ever sin­ce Gio­van­ni Mio­ni, mo­der­ni­zed the the­ra­peu­tic use of hot spring wa­ter and mud ba­ths, the Mio­ni Pez­za­to Ho­tel is sy­no­ny­mous of tra­di­tion and pre­sti­ge in the pa­no­ra­ma of a heal­th re­sort. The SPA Tea Ro­se is the jewel of the Ho­tel Mio­ni Pez­za­to, whe­re treat­men­ts ba­sed on tra­di­tio­nal mud ba­th the­ra­py, are com­bi­ned wi­th a sur­pri­sing uni­ver­se of well­ness treat­men­ts. Six hot spring pools, wi­th va­ried tem­pe­ra­tu­res (around 1,200 squa­re me­ters of wa­ter sur­fa­ce), can sa­ti­sfy eve­ry need: fun, sports, re­la­xa­tion, po­st-trau­ma­tic re­ha­bi­li­ta­tion. Crea­ted in ZEN sty­le, it of­fers suf­fu­se lighting and de­li­ca­te scen­ts, whi­ch in­du­ce the mind and bo­dy to­wards to­tal re­la­xa­tion. All the la­te­st in­no­va­tions that cur­ren­tly exi­st in the world of well­ness are en­clo­sed in this well­ness mi­cro­co­sm, whe­re our guests can try beau­ty treat­men­ts, bo­dy wraps, tha­las­so­the­ra­py, pres­su­re point the­ra­py, and a va­st ran­ge of mul­ti-sen­so­ry mas­sa­ges wi­th na­tu­ral pro­duc­ts along wi­th ma­nual ma­ni­pu­la­ti­ve treat­men­ts, su­ch as Ayur­ve­da mas­sa­ges, Shia­tsu, Thai-stret­ching, etc.

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