Ma­rem­ma, land of Good Li­ving

Area Wellness - - Case History -

Re­lais I Pia­stro­ni is a Ho­tel Spa lo­ca­ted in the mo­st au­then­tic part of Tu­sca­ny, Ma­rem­ma. Built in 2007, Re­lais I Pia­stro­ni is a char­ming ho­tel re­si­den­ce lo­ca­ted on one of the mo­st beau­ti­ful hills of the Val di Cor­nia, in the vil­la­ge of Mon­te­ver­di Ma­rit­ti­mo, near the mo­st fa­mous Tu­scan art ci­ties su­ch as Vol­ter­ra, San Gi­mi­gna­no, Pi­sa, Flo­ren­ce and on­ly 30 mi­nu­tes away from the bea­ches of the Etru­scan Coa­st. Re­lais I Pia­stro­ni is the ideal star­ting point to di­sco­ver the Land of Good Li­ving: bet­ween ex­ci­ting cy­cling tours and ex­cur­sions. Ma­rem­ma, the mo­st sou­thern area in Tu­sca­ny, re­pre­sen­ts the land whe­re guests can en­joy a hi­sto­ri­cal and na­tu­ral he­ri­ta­ge tra­vel­ling ex­pe­rien­ce. Tran­qui­li­ty, com­fort and the coun­try­si­de whi­ch sur­round the Ho­tel, ma­ke Re­lais I Pia­stro­ni ap­pre­cia­ted by tho­se loo­king for a re­la­xing stay in a di­screet and char­ming set­ting. The com­plex con­sists of an area Ho­tel and an area Re­si­den­ce, wi­th lar­ge green areas, a swim­ming pool and a SPA, whe­re it’s pos­si­ble to spend mo­men­ts of re­la­xa­tion and may­be ta­ke ad­van­ta­ge of spa treat­men­ts for the bo­dy, thanks to a hi­ghly qua­li­fied and ex­pe­rien­ced staff. The 15 Rooms are ta­ste­ful­ly fur­ni­shed and are equip­ped wi­th all ame­ni­ties, as well as the apart­men­ts ideal for tho­se who want pri­va­cy and in­de­pen­den­ce du­ring their stay in Tu­sca­ny. Wi­thin the Re­lais I Pia­stro­ni, im­mer­sed bet­ween the woods, is si­tua­ted the new Well­ness & Spa, open al­so to ex­ter­nal clien­ts. A cor­ner of pa­ra­di­se for tho­se who need to re­ge­ne­ra­te to grant them­sel­ves a day of to­tal well-being or for tho­se in sear­ch of a com­ple­te re­mi­se en for­me. It’s pos­si­ble to re­lax for so­me hours wi­th the well­ness pro­gram at the Well­ness & Spa wi­th hy­dro-mas­sa­ge wi­th ther­mal wa­ter at 33°C con­nec­ted to the out­door pool wi­th the sa­me cha­rac­te­ri­stics, Bio­sau­na, Ca­li­da­rium, Te­pi­da­rium, salt room, aro­ma­tic mul­ti-sen­so­rial sho­wers and ne­bu­li­zing ther­mal wa­ter. Guests can sur­ren­der to skil­led pro­fes­sio­nals for a re­la­xing mas­sa­ge or a heal­thy beau­ty treat­ment.

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