A tai­lor ma­de Ho­tel in Du­bai

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Re­mi­ni­scent of a 16th cen­tu­ry Ita­lian Pa­la­ce, Pa­laz­zo Ver­sa­ce Du­bai is a Neo­clas­si­cal ma­ster­pie­ce wi­th sub­tle tra­ces of Ara­bian ar­chi­tec­tu­re. Fea­tu­ring a stri­king en­tran­ce, hi­gh cei­lings, land­sca­ped gar­dens, and a ran­ge of well-craf­ted Ita­lian fur­ni­shings, the ho­tel is tru­ly sym­bo­lic of the Ver­sa­ce li­fe­sty­le. Set in the heart of the Cul­tu­re Vil­la­ge, less than 15 mi­nu­tes away from Du­bai In­ter­na­tio­nal Air­port and 8 mi­nu­tes away from Bu­rj Kha­li­fa and Do­wn­to­wn Du­bai, Pa­laz­zo Ver­sa­ce Du­bai is con­ve­nien­tly lo­ca­ted along the sho­res of the hi­sto­ric Du­bai Creek. On ar­ri­val one is wel­co­med by the stri­king ‘Pie­tra di Fiu­me’ de­si­gn of the ico­nic Me­du­sa and Greek dé­cor. A walk th­rou­gh the 5-star ho­tel’s pu­blic spa­ces re­veals se­ve­ral ex­clu­si­ve de­si­gns and fa­brics from Ver­sa­ce, whi­le the la­goon pools and re­flec­tion ponds com­ple­ment the se­re­ni­ty of the lu­sh gar­dens that sur­round the ho­tel – a true lu­xu­ry re­treat for lei­su­re tra­vel­lers. Eve­ry sin­gle pie­ce of fur­ni­tu­re and fa­bric that adorns the ho­tel’s 215 ho­tel rooms and sui­tes, and 169 re­si­den­ces, is de­si­gned and tai­lor-ma­de by Ver­sa­ce ex­clu­si­ve­ly for the Pa­laz­zo Ver­sa­ce Ho­tel in Du­bai. Ea­ch of the ho­tel’s 8 re­stau­ran­ts and bars is de­si­gned to ha­ve an al fre­sco ter­ra­ce to re­flect the he­ri­ta­ge of Pa­laz­zos, whe­re the in­ter­nal court was the in­for­mal spa­ce to meet, di­ne and en­joy the wea­ther. The th­ree out­door pools are de­co­ra­ted wi­th mo­saic ti­les and sur­roun­ded by palm trees and flo­wers. The beau­ti­ful­ly land­sca­ped gar­dens and unob­struc­ted views of the Du­bai Creek and sky­li­ne, ma­ke this lu­xu­ry ho­tel an ideal ve­nue for wed­dings and so­cial even­ts in Du­bai. Lo­ca­ted on the ground floor we­st wing of Pa­laz­zo Ver­sa­ce Du­bai, The SPA has se­ven treat­ment rooms, a SPA sui­te, a nail stu­dio and two Mo­roc­can Ham­mams. Bo­th the la­dies and gen­tle­men’s re­la­xa­tion areas ha­ve plun­ge pools, steam rooms and sau­nas. Al­mo­st 1000sqm of well­ness ty­pi­fy the new Ver­sa­ce SPA. Its mar­ble floors of Gra­ni­to Ne­ro As­so­lu­to mat­ch the grey de­gra­de mo­saics and the whi­te bir­ch wood walls wi­th mo­the­rof- pearl de­tails. The plun­ge pools are in vi­brant tur­quoi­se mo­saics. The dé­cor’s mo­tifs be­long to the sea world: cor­nu­co­pias in­ter­la­ced wi­th small sea­shells and em­bel­li­shed cur­li­cues.

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