The po­wer of an an­cient sour­ce

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In the heart of the Tu­scan coun­try­si­de, ju­st 12 km from Sie­na, La Ba­gna­ia Golf & Spa Resort Sie­na, Cu­rio Col­lec­tion by Hil­ton pre­sen­ts itself as a pla­ce of pea­ce and si­len­ce. Wi­th its 1100 hec­ta­res of land, in­clu­ding 600 of woods and gar­dens, this old me­die­val to­wn is the mee­ting point bet­ween cul­tu­re, hi­sto­ry and tra­di­tion; na­tu­re rei­gns in this pa­ra­di­se whe­re deer, phea­san­ts, rab­bi­ts and hor­ses li­ve in to­tal free­dom. The Resort is com­po­sed of the an­cient vil­la­ge La Ba­gna­ia from the 12th cen­tu­ry and the cu­sto­m­hou­se of Fi­let­ta from the 11th cen­tu­ry. The tra­di­tio­nal de­cor is com­bi­ned wi­th pie­ces of fur­ni­tu­re be­lon­ging to the fa­mi­ly col­lec­tion, ra­re Chi­ne­se and Eu­ro­pean an­ti­ques col­lec­ted around the world. All 99 rooms are de­co­ra­ted in the warm to­nes of red and yel­low and are lo­ca­ted ei­ther in the buil­ding "Fi­let­ta" 4-star or in the buil­ding "La Ba­gna­ia". All rooms ha­ve a ni­ce view over the Tu­scan hills and ea­ch room has uni­que de­tails, that ma­kes them all dif­fe­rent, mo­reo­ver eve­ry­thing is tai­lor-ma­de by skil­led craf­tsmen. Sin­ce the Midd­le Ages, the in­ha­bi­tan­ts of Sie­na used to im­mer­ge them­sel­ves in the ther­mal wa­ters; ba­ths at­tai­ned su­ch a re­pu­ta­tion that al­so the well-kno­wn per­so­na­li­ties su­ch as po­pes, car­di­nals and prin­ces used to go the­re. To­day, the Bud­d­ha Well­ness Cen­ter pro­po­ses this tra­di­tion on­ce again, thanks to the ex­traor­di­na­ry hea­ling po­wers of the wa­ter of the an­cient sour­ce that flo­ws na­tu­ral­ly to a tem­pe­ra­tu­re of over 30°. The na­me La Ba­gna­ia co­mes from this old cu­stom of "ba­thing" in the­se wa­ters; the cen­tre is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by the va­rie­ty of treat­men­ts of eth­nic ori­gins, ca­pa­ble of im­pro­ving the psy­cho­lo­gi­cal well-being. It is re­com­men­ded to book treat­men­ts wi­th in ad­van­ce. The gour­met Re­stau­rant "La Vo­lie­ra", lo­ca­ted in the cen­tre of the main squa­re of the Bor­go, is the ideal mix bet­ween mo­der­ni­ty and tra­di­tion. Guests at the La Ba­gna­ia Resort can ta­ste the lo­cal spe­cial­ties wi­se­ly en­ri­ched wi­th a tou­ch of con­tem­po­ra­ry flair, get­ting lo­st amid the pre­cious aro­mas and fla­vours of the fi­ne­st wi­nes, but al­so let­ting them­sel­ves be sur­pri­sed by the less kno­wn. Upon re­que­st, guests can ha­ve ma­ny ser­vi­ces, su­ch as the lan­ding of he­li­cop­ters on the pro­per­ty, and per­form se­ve­ral ac­ti­vi­ties, choo­sing from the wi­de ran­ge of pos­si­bi­li­ties of­fe­red.

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