The Mar­tyr­dom of Saint Ur­su­la

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For al­mo­st fif­teen years In­te­sa San­pao­lo, ad­ding com­mit­men­ts in cul­tu­ral and ar­ti­stic areas to its vi­sion of so­cial re­spon­sa­bi­li­ty, de­ci­ded to turn so­me of its hi­sto­ric buil­dings in the heart of Mi­lan, Na­ples and Vi­cen­za in­to Le Gal­le­rie d'Ita­lia, mu­seums al­so de­sti­ned to the ho­sting of ex­hi­bi­ts, cul­tu­ral and scien­ti­fic even­ts, and edu­ca­tio­nal work­shops. The sum­mer ca­len­dar for 2016 is pac­ked wi­th in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly fa­mous even­ts. Un­til Ju­ly 17th the Piaz­za del­la Sca­la bran­ch in Mi­la­no will hosts "Re­sti­tu­zio­ni", the re­sto­ra­tion pro­gram for pie­ces be­lon­ging to the pu­blic ar­ti­stic he­ri­ta­ge: this year's the­me is "Re­di­sco­ve­red Beau­ty. Ca­ra­vag­gio, Ru­bens, Pe­ru­gi­no, Lotto and 140 other ma­ster­pie­ces re­sto­red". Har­le­quin wi­th a mir­ror by Pi­cas­so, on loan from theT­hys­se­nBor­ne­misza Mu­seum in Ma­drid, will be one of pro­ta­go­nists, un­til Sep­tem­ber1­st, at Pa­laz­zo Ze­val­los Sti­glia­no in Na­ples. He­re, in ad­di­tion to the fa­mous Mar­ti­rio di Sant'Or­so­la by Ca­ra­vag­gio, you can ad­mi­re pie­ces il­lu­stra­ting the evo­lu­tion of arts in Na­ples and ge­ne­ral­ly in the Sou­th of Ita­ly. In Vi­cen­za, at Pa­laz­zo Leo­ni Mon­ta­na­ri, un­til Au­tumn, the spo­tlight will be the new set up for the At­ti­can,Apu­lian and Lu­ca­nian va­ses de­di­ca­ted to one of the mo­st com­plex and fa­sci­na­ting cha­rac­ters of Greek my­tho­lo­gy: Dio­ny­sus.

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