Lo sto­ri­co flag­ship sto­re in Cam­po San Fan­tin è un’an­ti­ca far­ma­cia del 1600 a due pas­si da piaz­za San Mar­co, al­le­sti­ta con ar­re­di d’epo­ca, pre­zio­se fi­ni­tu­re in le­gno e ve­tri­net­te che ac­col­go­no le di­ver­se col­le­zio­ni di pre­gia­te es­sen­ze The Mer­chant ofVe­nic

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6 es­sen­ces ma­de wi­th ra­re in­gre­dien­ts and kept in re­fi­ned Mu­ra­no glass bot­tles in the ty­pi­cal Ve­ne­tian co­lors, blue and gold.The mee­ting bet­ween the Mu­ra­no glass art and the per­fu­me uni­ver­se is em­bo­died in the “New dia­lo­gues bet­ween Glass and Per­fu­me” ex­hi­bit, an ec­cen­tric iti­ne­ra­ry on di­splay un­til Sep­tem­ber 25th at Pa­laz­zo Mo­ce­ni­go, a Re­nais­san­ce jewel in the heart of Ve­ni­ce. A do­zen uni­que col­lec­ti­ble pie­ces to be ad­mi­red, ma­de by skill­ful ma­ster glass-blo­wers and ideal trea­su­re chests to re­tell the ex­clu­si­ve fra­gran­ces ma­de ad hoc by The Mer­chant of Ve­ni­ce’s ma­ster per­fu­mers.A per­fect mix bet­ween sty­li­stic ele­gan­ce and ol­fac­to­ry ex­cel­len­ce re­di­sco­ve­red in the “Mu­ra­no Art Col­lec­tion”, a se­ries of va­ses ma­de by hand using the mo­st so­phi­sti­ca­ted tech­ni­ques of the thou­sand-year old tra­di­tion of Mu­ra­no’s blo­wn glass. Si­nuous and re­fi­ned sha­pes, in six co­lors of ra­re in­ten­si­ty, the six va­ses from the col­lec­tion con­tain as ma­ny so­phi­sti­ca­ted Ex­trait de Par­fum. Yet ano­ther stop in this ideal jour­ney among pre­cious pac­ka­ging and sought-af­ter fra­gran­ces is the “Scri­gni di Fio­ri e Pro­fu­mi. Le ce­ra­mi­che di No­ce: ca­po­la­vo­ri tra na­tu­ra e finzione” ex­hi­bi­tion, un­til Oc­to­ber, 16th at the hi­sto­ri­cal mu­seum of the Mi­ra­ma­re Ca­stle in Trie­ste. 32 pie­ces of ce­ra­mic art from No­ve (Vi­cen­za), ma­de bet­ween the 18th and 20th cen­tu­ries, en­ri­ched by flo­we­ry de­co­ra­tions. Coup de théâ­tre of the ex­hi­bit is the pre­sen­ce of ol­fac­to­ry sta­tions ma­de by Ma­vi­ve, thanks to whi­ch the vi­si­tor can di­sco­ver and re­co­gni­ze va­rious per­fu­me fa­mi­lies.

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