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An ou­tstan­ding pro­per­ty wi­th a pa­no­ra­mic view of the Luc­ca hills In the si­len­ce of the Luc­ca hill coun­try, we went to view a vil­la for true con­nois­seurs. Two thou­sand squa­re me­ters of ra­re li­ving ele­gan­ce, mee­ting eve­ry ex­pec­ta­tion of even the mo­st de­man­ding buyers: spa­cious rooms wi­th fi­re­pla­ces, bar/loun­ge, di­ning area, and ba­th, kit­chen and laun­dry on the ground floor; four be­drooms wi­th full ba­th (and whirl­pool tub in the ma­ster sui­te) and war­dro­be on the fir­st floor; a fif­th be­droom wi­th en­sui­te ba­th on the at­tic floor. All around, thir­ty thou­sand squa­re me­ters of land laid out by land­sca­pe ar­chi­tect Mar­co Poz­zo­li: oli­ve gro­ves, flo­wer-fil­led gar­dens, and vi­neyards – com­ple­men­ting the cel­lar for di­rect wi­ne pro­duc­tion (the vil­la is si­tua­ted in a doc wi­ne-gro­wing zo­ne). And a pool and a spa wi­th a se­cond, hea­ted pool. A gor­geous man­sion, pro­tec­ted by so­phi­sti­ca­ted sur­veil­lan­ce-ca­me­ra and alarm sy­stems, wi­thin ea­sy rea­ch of bo­th the Pi­sa and Flo­ren­ce air­ports and a lit­tle over a half-hour’s dri­ve from For­te dei Mar­mi. At the cen­ter of the world, yet ut­ter­ly ex­clu­si­ve.

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