Un po’ amaz­zo­ne, un po’ si­re­na

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Una don­na dal­la fem­mi­ni­li­tà com­ples­sa e po­lie­dri­ca. So­gna­tri­ce, ma sem­pre ben ca­la­ta nel­la real­tà che la cir­con­da. E’ la don­na Who’s Who per l’esta­te 2014. Una Whi­te Col­lec­tion am­bi­va­len­te, in bi­li­co fra lus­su­reg­gian­ti at­mo­sfe­re tro­pi­ca­li e pro­fon­di­tà ma­ri­ne, tra so­gno e mi­ste­ro. Le si­lhouet­te asciut­te, si­nuo­se, ti­pi­che del brand, so­no ri­di­se­gna­te ispi­ran­do­si all’er­go­no­mi­ci­tà del­le mu­te da sub e con scel­te cro­ma­ti­che che en­fa­tiz­za­no una fi­si­ci­tà atle­ti­ca e di­na­mi­ca, da amaz­zo­ne o da si­re­na. Nel­la Black Col­lec­tion quel­lo stes­so pae­sag­gio tro­pi­ca­le è rein­ter­pre­ta­to in chia­ve ci­ber­ne­ti­ca: tec­no-tra­mon­ti e ve­du­te si fon­do­no ad ele­men­ti ru­ba­ti agli atol­li ed a co­di­ci bi­na­ri, in un mix tra il sug­ge­sti­vo e il sur­rea­le, con de­ci­si bloc­chi co­lo­re a sot­to­li­nea­re aspet­ti di­ver­si di un’uni­ca don­na. Di­spo­ni­bi­li a For­te dei Mar­mi co­sì co­me ne­gli al­tri mo­no­mar­ca ita­lia­ni (Mi­la­no, Ro­ma, De­sen­za­no del Gar­da), le due col­le­zio­ni si tro­va­no an­che in un se­le­zio­na­to nu­me­ro di bou­ti­que in tut­ta la pe­ni­so­la. Su im­pul­so di Mas­si­mi­lia­no Dos­si, fon­da­to­re e ti­to­la­re del brand, pro­se­gue in­tan­to la dif­fu­sio­ne este­ra del mar­chio. Do­po le aper­tu­re di­ret­te a So­fia, Ro­stov, Ku­wait Ci­ty e nel­le me­tro­po­li ci­ne­si di Cheng­du e Shan­ghai, so­no im­mi­nen­ti quel­le di Mo­sca e di Du­bai.


A wo­men of com­plex and po­ly­he­dral fe­mi­ni­ni­ty. A drea­mer wi­th her feet firm­ly plan­ted in her rea­li­ty. The Who’s Who wo­man for Sum­mer 2014. An am­bi­va­lent Whi­te Col­lec­tion slips back and for­th bet­ween lu­xu­riant tro­pi­cal moods and ma­ri­ne dep­ths, bet­ween dream and my­ste­ry. The slim, si­nuous si­lhouet­tes ty­pi­cal of the brand are re­de­si­gned to re­flect the er­go­no­mics of the we­tsuit and wa­shed wi­th co­lors that em­pha­si­ze an athle­tic, dy­na­mic phy­si­que, the forms of an Ama­zon or a sea nym­ph. The Black Col­lec­tion rein­ter­pre­ts the sa­me tro­pi­cal land­sca­pe in a cy­ber key: tech­no-sun­se­ts and vi­stas mix wi­th ele­men­ts bor­ro­wed from the eter­nal al­go­ri­thms of the atolls and bi­na­ry co­des: all the dif­fe­rent aspec­ts of a wo­man, in a sug­ge­sti­ve, sur­real mix of blocks of co­lor. You’ll find the two col­lec­tions in For­te dei Mar­mi and the other Ita­lian mo­no­brand stores (Milan, Ro­me, De­sen­za­no del Gar­da), and at se­lec­ted bou­ti­ques from nor­th to sou­th on the pe­nin­su­la. And spur­red by brand foun­der and ow­ner Mas­si­mi­lia­no Dos­si, Who’s Who con­ti­nues its fo­rei­gn con­quests: af­ter the di­rec­tly-ope­ra­ted ope­nings in So­fia, Ro­stov, Ku­wait Ci­ty, and the Chi­ne­se me­tro­po­li­ses of Cheng­du and Shan­ghai, Who’s Who is now set to de­but in Mo­scow and Du­bai. Who’s Who, via Car­duc­ci 63, For­te dei Mar­mi +39 0584 82739, www.who­swho­brand.com

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