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Gi­ran­do­la di co­lo­ri e di fa­sci­no per la col­le­zio­ne esti­va Ma­ria Gra­zia Se­ve­ri, ma sen­za tra­scu­ra­re un toc­co di di­na­mi­smo eclet­ti­co e sen­sua­le. I det­ta­gli sar­to­ria­li ri­ve­la­no uno sti­le so­fi­sti­ca­to ed ele­gan­te, che si uni­sce al ca­rat­te­re ro­man­ti­ca­men­te fem­mi­ni­le del­la don­na Ma­ria Gra­zia Se­ve­ri e si tra­du­ce in tes­su­ti leg­ge­ri, flui­di, in ta­gli che evi­den­zia­no il pun­to vi­ta, in stam­pe flo­rea­li e geo­me­tri­che, in cro­mie op­ti­cal sa­pien­te­men­te uti­liz­za­te co­me de­co­ro.


A pi­n­wheel of co­lors and charm for the Ma­ria Gra­zia Se­ve­ri sum­mer col­lec­tion – wi­thout for­get­ting a tou­ch of eclec­tic, sen­sual dy­na­mi­sm. Sar­to­rial de­tails re­veal a so­phi­sti­ca­ted, ele­gant sty­le whi­ch seam­less uni­tes wi­th the ro­man­ti­cal­ly fe­mi­ni­ne look pre­fer­red by the Ma­ria Gra­zia Se­ve­ri wo­man, ma­de of light­weight, flo­wing fa­brics, sty­les that em­pha­si­ze the wai­stli­ne, flo­ral and geo­me­tric prin­ts and op­ti­cal co­lors used skill­ful­ly as ac­cen­ts. Ma­ria Gra­zia Se­ve­ri, via IV No­vem­bre 8 For­te dei Mar­mi, +39 0584 787436­ve­rim­

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