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ART HUB CAR­RA­RA è il pri­mo e uni­co in­cu­ba­to­re ita­lia­no de­di­ca­to al­le pro­fes­sio­ni dell’ar­te con­tem­po­ra­nea. Dal 6 al 10 set­tem­bre, all’in­ter­no di “Co­n_­vi­ve­re Car­ra­ra Fe­sti­val”, con­fer­ma il suo Sum­mer CAmP – cor­so in­ten­si­vo di pro­get­ta­zio­ne cul­tu­ra­le – que­st’an­no com­ple­ta­men­te de­di­ca­to al te­ma dei fi­nan­zia­men­ti, dall’art bo­nus mi­ni­ste­ria­le fi­no al cro­w­d­fun­ding. Inol­tre, Spa­zio Hub è un luo­go in cui si fa re­te: per tut­ta l’esta­te pren­de vi­ta un’in­con­sue­ta mo­da­li­tà espo­si­ti­va che pre­ve­de non la mo­stra di ope­re, ma di og­get­ti se­le­zio­na­ti da­gli ar­ti­sti per rac­con­ta­re la lo­ro ‘con­ver­sio­ne’ all’ar­te, la scin­til­la che li ha con­dot­ti al lo­ro me­stie­re. | Art Hub Car­ra­ra is the fir­st and on­ly Ita­lian “in­cu­ba­tor” de­vo­ted to the con­tem­po­ra­ry art pro­fes­sions. From 6 th­rou­gh 10 Sep­tem­ber, as part of the


“Co­n_­vi­ve­re Car­ra­ra Fe­sti­val,” this year’s Sum­mer CAmP – cra­sh cour­se in cul­tu­ral pro­gram­ming – will be en­ti­re­ly de­vo­ted to the is­sue of fi­nan­cing op­tions, from mi­ni­stry-spon­so­red art bo­nu­ses to cro­w­d­fun­ding. Art Hub is al­so net­wor­king, and for the who­le sum­mer the Spa­zio Hub will be fea­tu­ring an unu­sual ex­hi­bi­tion mo­de for ar­tists to show not on­ly their works but al­so se­lec­ted ob­jec­ts to re­count their “con­ver­sion” to art: the spark that lighted their ways to their cal­lings. https://ar­thub­car­ra­ra.word­

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