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Mir­ror è la nuo­va e più sor­pren­den­te in­ter­pre­ta­zio­ne dell’ico­ni­co J12 di Cha­nel. In ce­ra­mi­ca hi­gh-te­ch e ac­cia­io, i suoi nu­me­ri si ri­flet­to­no sul­lo spec­chio del qua­dran­te ema­nan­do ri­fles­si di lu­ce che ne ri­ve­la­no l’uni­ci­tà ad ogni mo­vi­men­to del pol­so. Nel­la ver­sio­ne dia­me­tro 38 mm (nel­la fo­to) ha mo­vi­men­to mec­ca­ni­co a ca­ri­ca au­to­ma­ti­ca. In edi­zio­ne li­mi­ta­ta a 1200 pez­zi. Mir­ror is the new and mo­st sur­pri­sing in­ter­pre­ta­tion yet of the ico­nic J12 wat­ch by Cha­nel. In hi­gh-te­ch ce­ra­mic and steel, its nu­me­rals set un­der­nea­th the cry­stal re­flect on the mir­ror dial, play­ing wi­th light at ea­ch turn of the wri­st. In the 38-mm ver­sion (in the pho­to), wi­th self-win­ding me­cha­ni­cal mo­ve­ment. Li­mi­ted edi­tion of 1200 pie­ces.

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