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Ruo­ta di 360 gra­di (gra­zie al so­ste­gno la­te­ra­le bre­vet­ta­to) e co­pre fi­no 5 me­tri per 4. King di Pog­ge­si è il ve­ro re de­gli om­brel­lo­ni. Con il tu­bo a scom­par­sa si fis­sa di­ret­ta­men­te al ter­re­no per ot­te­ne­re una su­per­fi­cie sot­to­stan­te del tut­to li­be­ra. It ro­ta­tes th­rou­gh 360° (thanks to the pa­ten­ted si­dearm) and co­vers an area of up to 5 x 4 me­ters. King by Pog­ge­si is ju­st what its na­me im­plies: a “king” among sun um­brel­las. Wi­th a ground-an­cho­red sup­port for a va­st, com­ple­te­ly unob­struc­ted sha­ded area.

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