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She's got more se­crets than the Pope, and a much bet­ter wardrobe, but Roma wasn't built in one day, and you'll need more than a cou­ple to peel back all those gor­geous lay­ers. Step right up, we've picked out all the things we to­tally love and know you will too. So, all you have to do now is hop into your Alfa, Romeo...


With the Pan­theon in Cen­tro Storico as your cen­tre, north is shop­ping cen­tral Tri­dente and Via Veneto, to the east is up­comer Monti, south is An­cient Rome, home to the Colos­seum and Fo­rum. To the west across the Tiber is at­mossy Traste­vere, north of which lies the Vat­i­can City, and that's all you re­ally need to know.

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Rome is su­per-sat­u­rated with vis­i­tors on all ma­jor hol­i­days, par­tic­u­larly religious ones; the best times to visit are Nov & Jan-Feb; Jul-Aug broils, the pop­u­la­tion flees en masse and the city all but shuts, but at least the streets are rel­a­tively crowd free – your call Fi­u­mi­cino to Cen­tro set fare by taxi: € 48 / 40 mins Ci­ampino to Cen­tro set fare by taxi: € 30 / 35 mins Taxis driv­ers were once no­to­ri­ous for adding ex­tras, but now are re­quired to work off a 3 tar­iff sys­tem – € 3-14, € 14-26 and € 27+ Check your change, Ro­mans rarely tip their driv­ers Handy pub­lic trans­port route plan­ner at Stil­lies + cob­ble streets don't mix, break out the flats Spring: Set­ti­mana della Cul­tura and La Notte dei Mu­sei – cul­ture cen­tral / beni­cul­tur­ Sep/Oct: Roma Europa Art Fes­ti­val – mu­sic, dance and theatre / roma Oct/Nov: Festa del Cinema / ro­macin­e­ Shops gen­er­ally open from 10am-7.30pm, al­though smaller ones take an af­ter­noon pause from 1-4pm, and some close all day Sun and on Mon morn­ings too Restau­rants and ser­vices tend to close on Sun­day as well, so use this day for mu­se­ums and ac­tiv­i­ties Al­ways book well ahead for the city's best ta­bles and be sure to re­con­firm as reser­va­tions of­ten get ‘lost' Ser­vice is al­ways in­cluded, but add up to 10% any­way All in­door restau­rants and bars are non-smok­ing Bars are legally re­quired to let non-pa­trons use loos Coffee eti­quette: caffè/espresso is a sin­gle shot, doppio is dou­ble, Amer­i­cano is a long black. Cap­pu­ci­nos af­ter mid­day are dé­classé. In the sum­mer ask for a Shak­er­ato The int'l di­al­ing code for Italy is +39, Rome's city code is 06, al­though this pre­fix is not needed when call­ing mo­biles; for gen­eral emer­gen­cies dial 113

You will only need the fol­low­ing Ital­ian phrases...

Ciao bella / bello : Hello, gor­geous Buon giorno / Buona sera : Good morn­ing / af­ter­noon Buona notte : Good night / good­bye Per fa­vore / Gra­zie / Prego : Please / Ta / You're wel­come Aoh, ma che sta a fa? : What the *@!# are you do­ing? (Very use­ful in traf­fic while wav­ing arms vi­o­lently)

Vabbé, anamo...

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