Ha­lo by Ve­ry Wood

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Ha­lo is one of the la­te­st mo­dels fr Ve­ry Wood. Fea­tu­ring a roun­ded b and seat ma­de from ash or oak w tex­ti­le, vi­nyl or lea­ther uphol­ster De­si­gn by Odo Fio­ra­van­ti. Ha­lo è una del­le nuo­ve pro­po­ste di Ve­ry Wood. Se­du­ta e schie­na­le ro­ton­do so­no in fras­si­no o ro­ve­re ri­ve­sti­ti in tes­su­to, vi­ni­le o pel­le. De­si­gn by Odo Fio­ra­van­ti. 140

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