The la­te­st crea­tion from Team for De­si­gn En­ri­co Gob­bi

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“In­tri­guing. Be­cau­se it has a clas­sic ap­peal but spor­ty ac­cen­ts. And be­cau­se it ma­na­ges to tuck away the roo­my vo­lu­mes of a mu­ch lar­ger ya­cht and a di­spla­ce­ment craft-li­ke lay­out in­to ju­st 42 me­tres. But it’s ac­tual­ly a se­mi-di­spla­ce­ment ya­cht! So in­tri­guing in­deed….” En­ri­co Gob­bi on the la­te­st pro­ject from Team For De­si­gn, the stu­dio he foun­ded in his ho­me ci­ty of Ve­ni­ce in 2005.

The T42, as Gob­bi him­self ex­plains, was born of a two­pron­ged ne­ces­si­ty: “We didn’t ha­ve a de­si­gn of the­se di­men­sions. At the sa­me ti­me, we wan­ted to co­me up wi­th a 42-me­tre that had eve­ry­thing you could pos­si­bly find aboard a 50-me­tre whi­le stay­ing be­low the 500 GT mark.” The T42 has pro­gres­sed far beyond the con­cept sta­ge: it is a fi­ni­shed de­si­gn that has been ful­ly ve­ri­fied on an en­gi­nee­ring le­vel by Ros­si Na­vi, a yard Team for De­si­gn as al­rea­dy pen­ned se­ve­ral craft for. “It will be pre­sen­ted at the Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show in Mon­te Car­lo,” con­ti­nues Gob­bi who is quick to em­pha­si­se that the new ya­cht has a clas­sic ra­ked bow ra­ther than the cur­ren­tly tren­dy axe bow.

“We cho­se what I would call a ti­me­less bow for the T42 be­cau­se I do feel that, all fa­shions asi­de, the axe bow real­ly on­ly sui­ts ya­ch­ts that are at lea­st 10 me­tres lon­ger and ha­ve a dif­fe­rent spi­rit. In other words, the T42 is a full ya­cht and the tra­di­tio­nal bow lends a sen­se of ae­ro­dy­na­mi­ci­sm to its en­ti­re pro­fi­le.” That light­ness of pro­fi­le is al­so en­han­ced

by what Gob­bi re­fers to as “lit­tle tricks” - th­ree elon­ga­ted trian­gu­lar win­do­ws on the ya­cht’s flanks that add an ex­tra ele­ment of dy­na­mi­sm to the ove­rall im­pact. The four for­ward ra­ked struc­tu­ral ele­men­ts sup­por­ting the up­per deck and fly are al­so in grey and con­tra­st at­trac­ti­ve­ly wi­th the off-whi­te of the re­st of the ya­cht as well as hi­ghlighting the afo­re­men­tio­ned win­do­ws, two of whi­ch are at sa­loon and ma­ster sui­te le­vel on the main deck. Li­kewi­se the third at loun­ge le­vel on the up­per deck. “But that’s not all,” adds Gob­bi. “Al­so on the up­per deck, on the port si­de and again at loun­ge le­vel, a sec­tion of the pa­ra­pet opens out­wards to of­fer un­fet­te­red sea views.”

The ma­ster sui­te too has that sa­me spec­ta­cu­lar vi­sta thanks to a small bal­co­ny that opens on the port si­de of the ca­bin. Yet ano­ther al fre­sco spa­ce to flank tho­se on the 20 squa­re me­tre up­per deck ter­ra­ce for­ward of the brid­ge, and the fly whi­ch stret­ches 14 me­tres in leng­th. “The­re are two stairs lea­ding up to the fly,” adds Gob­bi. “We ac­tual­ly tried to in­clu­de all the va­rious ele­men­ts you would ge­ne­ral­ly find on a lar­ger ya­cht on the T42, in terms of our own pre­vious projects and al­so what is on the mar­ket. So we ma­de me­ti­cu­lous re­sear­ched all the va­rious rou­tes th­rou­gh the boat – gue­st and crew. How food is mo­ved around, etc.

As a re­sult, we ha­ve two stairs sy­stems on the T42: one in­door and the other out­door. As far as I know that’s uni­que on a 42-me­tre.” The T42’s interiors ha­ve a clas­sic lay­out

as they stand but, as Gob­bi poin­ts out, this is ob­viou­sly open to mo­di­fi­ca­tion around the ow­ner’s re­qui­re­men­ts. Team for De­si­gn al­so has its own idea about the in­te­rior de­si­gn. “We ima­gi­ne the interiors as ve­ry light and bright,” con­clu­des En­ri­co Gob­bi. “I would be thin­king in terms of li­med ma­ple wi­th whi­te sto­ne ac­cen­ts.

Na­tu­ral ma­te­rials that would yield interiors wi­th a mo­dern, Ita­lian ae­sthe­tic and in doing so al­so en­han­ce spa­ces and vo­lu­mes al­rea­dy unex­pec­ted­ly ge­ne­rous for a 42-me­tre wi­th a clas­sic yet spor­ty spi­rit. A spi­rit that is far from con­ven­tio­nal. In­tri­guing. De­fi­ni­te­ly in­tri­guing.”

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