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L’ Uo­mo isa­se­ri es of­shorts to­ri est ha tall be gi­n­wi­th­th esa­me words-“the man” - and then ea­ch lead to unex­pec­ted pla­ces: you can open a door, choo­se a pa­th, and in an in­stant you’re no lon­ger the man, L’Uo­mo, you we­re be­fo­re.

L’Uo­mo is the em­bra­ce of two athle­tes, or a woun­ded sol­dier being ten­ded toan dc are­df or by­the on eh el oves.

L’Uo­mo is Lou Reed with his mir ro­red sun­glas­ses, or the clear-eyed ga­ze of a short-hai­red girl, or a pho­to­gra­pher in his woo­den ca­bin be­fo­re the oc ean,orP­har­rel­lW il liam­sd res­se d in anAr ma­ni suit.

L’Uo­mo is f ive fa­shion sto­ries, ea­ch with dif fe­rent set­tings, pro­ta­go­nists and clo­thes - be­cau­se the­re can­not be ju­st one Uo­mo: the­re is no sin­gle sty­le orso leway­to liv ein­thi­sworld.

L’Uo­mo is one of the few in­ter­na­tio­nal ma­ga­zi­nes that has ac­com­pa­nied, wit­nes­sed, and in cer­tain ca­ses inf luen­ced con­sump­tion and l ife­sty­les over th el ast50years. In Ita­lyan dar ound­theworld.Fro mI ta­ly­to­theworld. L’ Uo­mo is go ing­to be dif­fe­ren­te ve­ry ti­me, eve­ry­is sue spe­cial. L’Uo­mo is th­ree ma­ga­zi­nes in one: cul­tu­re, fa­shion and ob­jec­ts. It fea­tu­res the mo­st re­le­vant voi­ces in sty­le re­por­ting; it sho­w­ca­ses f ive wo­men pho­to­gra­pherss ho otingf iv ed if­fe­rent co­vers.

L’Uo­mo is the crea­tion of ma­ny: all the wo­men and men who ha­ve con­tri­bu­ted to it over the­se pa­st 50 years - and al l tho­se who are now star­ting to wri­te a new chap­ter in its hi­sto­ry. Eve­ry ma­ga­zi­ne that emer­ges, or re-emer­ges, is a smal l pie­ce of good news: a voi­ce that is ad­ded to the con­ver­sa­tion, or fre­shly re­tur­ned to it. This is­sue is for al l tho­se peo­ple - men and wo­men - who ha­ve let us know L’Uo­mo was so­me­thing t hey’ve been mis­sing.

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