Why I so Love Nanny... (A Se­quel)

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Matthew di mon­ster did want fi cre­ate may­hem,

Suh him tell im­self seh, watch mi, a gwine mash dem up, Suh im try im tricks. Some­times im walk, some­times im crawl, Matthew even fly, ev­ery­thing im try, When im want fi con­fuse, im don’t even move at all. Since wi couldn’t fig­ure out what im up to, Wi get dung an pre­pare. Ev­ery­body get busy, rich an poor peo­ple ev­ery­where,

Yuh could a see di hard­ware an su­per­mar­ket dem a beam, Sales ga­lore, dem a burst from di seam. Bread an bis­cuit couldn’t tarry pon di shelf As ev­ery­body a try fi help dem­self. Canned goods put on feather an fly, Matches, bat­ter­ies, can­dle an flash­light mek

fast move­ment, dem wouldn’t sit idly by.

Ku­dos to di author­ity dem who duh a re­ally ex­cel­lent Job, Pre­cau­tion­ary bul­letin flood di air Yuh could hear ad­vi­sory ev­ery­where. Wi did re­ally tek Matthew se­ri­ous an pre­pare, Ev­ery­body did up to di task An dis help fi mek di mon­ster fraid fi pass.

Fi mi Aunty Matty seh she cant un­der­stand

Why Matthew busy some­time an some­times Im be­have like a statue. She seh she don’t know why dem Give him such a fa­mous name An meck it get to im head dat im deh all About a search fi fame. Yes im hear about Matthew di great dis­ci­ple Suh im want fi come here fi try tax col­lec­tion, But im get some in­for­ma­tion seh di coun­try Sur­pass di pro­jected tar­get.

Suh im feel shame, change im mind an call it quit.

Mi re­ally feel a sense of re­lief seh God meck im change im mind

Guh about him stormy busi­ness an lef us safe be­hind.

Al­though him stall movie, lock dung di busi­ness dem, an school

Send peo­ple in a shel­ter an cause some alarm Im cause min­i­mal harm an not much pain Suh wi haffi thank God dat Ja­maica es­cape dis mon­ster hur­ri­cane.

Wi a pray fi di coun­try dem weh him gone dat dem sur­vive Keep strong an stay alive. We pray God will stop dis mon­ster an im wicked on­slaught Bring the coun­tries back to nor­malcy An bring Matthew dung to nought. I so Love Nanny be­cause she has a face I recog­nise Pri­vate Rowena Ali­cia Oliver WRAC .... courage of a solider to the end, for­ever “Livy” I con­nect with her Jemima Amy .... as I do with my sev­enty-odd Grand Lena El­iz­a­beth be­fore she died who would fry egg for me who I would camp out with at An­der­son Road across the road from “Up Park” camp who taught me to write let­ters claim­ing her pen­sion from the Bri­tish crown plac­ing head­stones on her par­ents’ graves, Log­wood, Hanover, tak­ing the rail­way

I so Love Nanny for she never left me alone at school, at “ball ground” Ma­roon on the wall paint­ings I was lob­by­ing for an­other Woman hero­ine but it is not bad, the equa­tion One of her = Six HERO Men to bal­ance the scales of jus­tice I like that rate of ex­change can even go as far as DEXTA DAPS .... “11”, Hon. Louise Bennett Cover­ley “Ja­maica Woman” All re­spect due to them, the six men that is (or 11 as the case may be) but just as well Nanny is an archetype they can’t quite pin down her lin­eage they would need more walls and have 14 (22) faces painted nonethe­less, em­ploy­ment for the painters, con­struc­tion work­ers artists

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