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IT IS not of­ten that some­one gets an un­con­ven­tional idea. It is even less com­mon for these in­di­vid­u­als to act on them. This is what sep­a­rates Scheed Cole from so many peo­ple. A pro­fes­sional sculp­tor, painter and engi­neer, his pas­sion for Ja­maica and the en­vi­ron­ment led to a turn­ing point in his life. He re­alised that not only does Ja­maica have a high un­em­ploy­ment rate, but that his coun­try­men dis­pose of hun­dreds of thou­sands of waste ma­te­rial per day, ma­te­rial which could be used to grow the econ­omy and pro­vide em­ploy­ment.

Cole said, “China and Swe­den buy waste to cre­ate raw ma­te­rial. Ac­cord­ing to my re­search, the United States government pro­claimed that by the year 2030, if they can in­crease their re­cy­cling ef­fort to 75 per cent, they will be able to cre­ate another 1.1 mil­lion jobs. We have to think out­side the box when it comes to job cre­ation. Re­cy­cling utilises an ad­di­tional 10 per­sons per one per­son for the con­ven­tional ways we dis­pose of garbage right now.”

His re­search gave him the in­ge­nious idea to turn those waste prod­ucts into profit and led to the cre­ation of a com­pany called 360 Re­cy­cle Man­u­fac­tur­ing. Cole de­vel­oped his first few prod­ucts only a year ago in or­der to test the mar­ket. It was an im­mense suc­cess, so he reg­is­tered the com­pany and has been un­stop­pable ever since. The process is painstak­ing, and all 20 of his em­ploy­ees had to un­dergo vig­or­ous train­ing.

“We use light­weight ma­te­rial that are struc­turally sound. We usu­ally grind the foam boxes and mix the pieces with pa­per and card­board, along with ce­ment to cre­ate a paste. This is what we use to mould the ob­jects for the sculptures. When it comes to struc­tures that sup­port their own weight such as out­door ta­bles and benches, we use bind­ing wire to tie plas­tic bot­tles to­gether. We then ap­ply the re­cy­cle mix to bind them to­gether by past­ing around the ob­jects. The end prod­ucts are high­end and pro­fes­sion­ally made. Just

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