Law-abid­ing peo­ple are sit­ting ducks

Jamaica Gleaner - - SATURDAY TALK -

THE EDITOR, Sir: E THAT plays by the rules al­ways gets shafted. Not my words, but it ap­pears to be true. For a long time now, the law-abid­ing cit­i­zens of this coun­try have been short­changed and pres­sured and suf­fer the most in­jus­tice.

The re­cent spate of killings, in par­tic­u­lar the killing of our young peo­ple, has fol­lowed the trend con­sis­tently.

I can­not af­ford a gun, nor would I be able to get a gun li­cence if I ap­plied for one. So what do I do? The next best thing was to carry a ma­chete in my car as my gun – un­til it be­came an of­fence if the po­lice found you in pos­ses­sion of any form of weapon.

The po­lice can­not be ev­ery­where to pro­tect you, so you arm your­self, if only to scare off a would-be rob­ber. So you play by the rules and not walk with a tooth­pick, but then you are held up at knife­point and robbed or stabbed to death like the lit­tle school­boy, Ni­cholas Fran­cis.

How come you who de­cide to fol­low the rules and live as a law-abid­ing ci­ti­zen ends up be­ing shot or stabbed to death? You don’t even have a re­mote chance to de­fend your­self as you are un­armed by the State. When

Hyou hear of an­other in­no­cent life be­ing snuffed out, you ei­ther get an­gry and want to ex­act re­venge, or you are so im­mune that it does not af­fect you any­more.


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