Daddy, don’t touch me there

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My fa­ther is touch­ing me in places that make me feel un­com­fort­able. He will tickle me on my arms and as soon as my mother steps away, he tick­les my bot­tom. Should I tell my mother or call the po­lice? I am 12. You need to tell your fa­ther that you are not com­fort­able with him tick­ling you any­where. Also, let your mother know that you are not com­fort­able with with your fa­ther’s tick­ling. If you are not happy with your mother’s an­swer, tell the guid­ance coun­sel­lor or your pas­tor.

I am upset with my mother. She is so busy and even though she makes 10 times as much money as daddy, I want her home more. Daddy is okay, but he is bor­ing. Mommy is lots of fun. I am 14. We are Sabbath keep­ers and only Sun­day is a good day for the fam­ily. Let mommy know that you wish to make an ap­point­ment to speak with her. When you talk with her, let her know that you love her and know that she is busy mak­ing money so that you can have a good life, but that you need more time with her. Ask her if, on a week­end, you can plan some spe­cial fam­ily time to­gether. At church on Sabbath, sit with your mother and dur­ing lunch, sit be­side her as much as pos­si­ble. My fa­ther thinks that my mother is cheat­ing. He is never home. You see, he is a dis­or­gan­ised per­son and al­ways has to be run­ning up and down fix­ing his mess. Mom, on the other hand, is cool, calm and or­gan­ised. She is in sales and he al­ways thinks that her clients are her boyfriends. Should I tell her to leave him? We can man­age without him. A: Your mother and fa­ther need to go some­where away from the house and sit and talk about the prob­lem they have. If they can­not re­solve it, they should seek the help of a mar­riage coun­sel­lor.


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