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THE EDI­TOR, Sir: SOME PER­SONS are al­ready ask­ing and hav­ing doubts about how some feel the Holy Spirit works. What do the Scrip­tures show? Luke 1:67 shows that the Holy Spirit caused Zechariah to proph­esy. At Acts 1:8, Je­sus told his fol­low­ers that the Holy Spirit would give them power to be His wit­nesses to the far­thest ends of the earth. (See Acts 4:31) The Holy Spirit anointed Je­sus, giv­ing him power to do good, as Acts 10:38 proves. (See Luke 4:17, 18)

Peter was moved to preach while filled with the Holy Spirit; Apol­los also. (Acts 4:8; Acts 18:25) Some per­sons upon whom the apos­tle Paul laid his hands re­ceived the Holy Spirit and be­gan to proph­esy and spoke in tongues. This, of course, be­fore speak­ing in tongues stopped af­ter the faith­ful apos­tles’ death. (Acts 19:6; 1 Corinthi­ans 13:8)

The afore­men­tioned are ways the Holy Spirit was used on Chris­tians. There is NO in­di­ca­tion in the Scrip­tures of the Holy Spirit, caus­ing peo­ple to get pushed on the ground, to scream, to make con­vul­sions or other weird ac­tions. Rather, the Holy Spirit is con­nected to giv­ing Chris­tians strength to preach, to carry out God’s will.

Po­litely ask your re­li­gious leader(s) about this mat­ter. Re­spect­fully ask: What use­ful pur­pose does be­ing pushed down, scream­ing, or other strange ac­tions serve? Does the Holy Spirit re­ally cause these ac­tions in peo­ple? Do the Scrip­tures sup­port these ac­tions as proof of some­one hav­ing the Holy Spirit?

I re­spect any per­son’s right to be­lieve what he/she wishes. How­ever, be­cause of doubts that many are hav­ing about how some claim the Holy Spirit op­er­ates on Chris­tians, it is very im­por­tant to ques­tion how the Holy Spirit re­ally works, so we can get the scrip­tural truth and, hope­fully, God’s ap­proval! (John 4:23, 24; John 8:32; Matthew 7:21-23) SIMEON JAMES clear­bluesky100@hot­mail.com

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