The work of wit­ness­ing – Pt 1

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IMANCHESTER: T IS no se­cret that a num­ber of in­di­vid­u­als who were on fire for Je­sus have lost their zeal and have adapted to the ways of the world or have be­come non­cha­lant in ser­vice. But young preacher Bren­don Cole­man says all hope is not lost and one’s true pur­pose af­ter ac­cept­ing Christ Je­sus is to work for His mis­sion, tak­ing His word through­out the world.

“To­day, so many of us are lost in the crowd. We can no longer iden­tify our­selves as be­ing Chris­tians be­cause we have taken our­selves from a place of dis­tinc­tion and we have blended in with ev­ery­body else.”

Cole­man con­tin­ued as he de­liv­ered the mes­sage at a week of prayer meet­ing in the parish re­cently. “The work of the gospel is not lim­ited to your house. It is not good enough to evan­ge­lise to those within your dwelling. The work of the gospel tells us that we leave from wher­ever it is com­fort­able to go even where it is un­com­fort­able.”

He ac­knowl­edged that while Christ was on Earth, His method of min­istry was, and re­mains, the blue print for the Church’s mis­sion.

“Vi­tal to Je­sus’ mis­sion and steps we should fol­low in our evan­ge­lism in­cludes min­gling with the peo­ple, sym­pa­this­ing with the peo­ple, min­is­ter­ing to needs,

win­ing their con­fi­dence, and bid­ding them to fol­low Je­sus.”

He fur­ther said: “Je­sus was not con­tented in Heaven know­ing that there were peo­ple on this Earth who would have been lost. Those of you who have chil­dren know the pain felt when your child goes away for a hol­i­day. You know they’re go­ing to come back, but the thought about them not be­ing where you are for an ex­tended pe­riod ... . Now, think about an eter­nity, this is how Je­sus felt know­ing man had messed up.”

He said that men should be zeal­ous in their bid to help their broth­ers and sis­ters be saved.

“Many peo­ple would love to sit in their liv­ing rooms and be able to FedEx the gospel to our neigh­bours. We would love if we could just email them the mes­sage. But Chris­tians can’t be lazy peo­ple, and if you are lazy, God can’t use you.”

He men­tioned also that as Chris­tians and first hu­mans, who are prone to sin, the Church must be looked upon as a place of healing and for­ti­fi­ca­tion.

“Some peo­ple say they can’t come to church any­more be­cause there are too many hyp­ocrites and they gos­sip too much, but you see, if you are gos­siper, a liar, or a thief, then church is the best place for you be­cause you can’t find healing in the dance­hall, you can’t find healing in the rum bar. The only place you can get it is where the doc­tor is.”

He con­tin­ued, “You aren’t com­ing to see the other per­sons that are sick like you, and if you think you are not sick, then you are sick men­tally. When we come to church, we come to see doc­tor Je­sus. We can’t look to the left or to the right. We should keep our eyes fixed on Him.”

Next week, we look at ex­actly what Je­sus re­quires of us.

Bren­don Cole­man, says all hope is not lost and one’s true pur­pose af­ter ac­cept­ing Christ Je­sus is to work for his mis­sion.

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