Life hacks – How to con­trol men­strual cramps

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WE GIRLS all have been through the crim­pling pain ev­ery month. Hav­ing to lose blood for over three days straight, with an aching uterus can be quite ir­ri­tat­ing. Here are five tips on how to con­trol your men­strual cramps!

1. Heat­ing Pads: Sim­i­larly to how ath­letes would ap­ply heats pad onto their in­jury, the same goes for your lower ab­domen or lower back. You’ll find how eas­ily your con­tract­ing mus­cles would ease from the pen­e­trat­ing heat. Tip: If you can’t af­ford a heat­ing pad, you can use a wa­ter bot­tle with hot wa­ter in­stead.

2. Hy­dra­tion: Dur­ing this pe­riod, your body is at a high risk of de­hy­dra­tion from the loss of blood. Con­sum­ing large quan­ti­ties of sweet bev­er­ages or snacks will cause too much sugar to be present in the body. Try to drink as much wa­ter as pos­si­ble through­out the days, to help pre­vent bloat­ing.

3. Ex­er­cis­ing: It’s es­sen­tial for you to be ex­er­cis­ing on a reg­u­lar ba­sis even be­fore your men­stru­a­tion. In do­ing so, you will find it eas­ily to sus­tain the aching through­out the pe­riod. Dur­ing the pe­riod, you can try dif­fer­ent Yoga tech­niques to stretch your pelvis for a re­lief within your tensed mus­cles.

4. Bath­room break: As much as how you will hate it, ex­cret­ing your waste is vi­tal dur­ing this time which will help to re­lieve you of bloat­ing. Drink­ing gin­ger tea and eat­ing more fruits will help to aid this process.

5. Track your pe­riod: Be­ing aware of the time your men­strual cy­cle oc­curs will bet­ter help you to un­der­stand your body changes and to be more pre­pared when­ever it shows up. Never for­get your lit­tle kit and painkillers!

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