De­crim­i­nal­is­ing would cause hard­ship

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LE­GAL­IS­ING OR de­crim­i­nal­is­ing pros­ti­tu­tion will open the door for greater hard­ship and abuse, even rape and mur­der in the na­tion. STDs will in­crease.

The in­flu­en­tial men and women of our na­tion who en­gage in the ser­vices of pros­ti­tu­tion will then have a freer hand at legally com­ing af­ter our young ones, and there is noth­ing that we would be able to do about it legally.

There are ‘big men’ who can’t have a good erec­tion and de­mand ‘bare­back’ sex from the young girls (or boys).

The dons, pimps, ex­tor­tion­ists and ‘drug­gists’ will now be al­lowed greater power to run our na­tion amuck.

Women’s health is­sues would spi­ral down­wards, since you can’t truly put a stop to those with STDs nor guar­an­tee pro­tec­tion, be­cause once their time is paid for they are ‘owned’.

All we would be do­ing is strength­en­ing the sex in­dus­try, in­creas­ing the lev­els of im­moral­ity and degra­da­tion of our women and youth, in­creas­ing kid­nap­ping and sex traf­fick­ing and the to­tal break­down of our health in­dus­try, since there is not a stip­u­la­tion re­gard­ing those with sex­u­ally trans­mit­ted dis­eases, and women’s health will be at greater risk. Fur­ther­more, our high­school stu­dents, who don’t see job op­por­tu­ni­ties any­where else, will now look at this as an out­let. Sub­se­quently, what is likely to hap­pen is that when they are of no use to them or are not ‘mar­ketable’ for their pur­poses later in the in­dus­try, they would push them aside and leave them to die with­out hope.

No na­tion can be built with­out morals and a sense of civic pride or dig­nity. With­out those el­e­ments, the peo­ple of the na­tion are on a path to self­de­struc­tion.


A 2007 Dutch gov­ern­ment re­port stated that there was a highly sig­nif­i­cant drop in the emo­tional well-be­ing of and a great in­crease in the use of seda­tives by pros­ti­tutes af­ter the le­gal­i­sa­tion of pros­ti­tu­tion.

No leader would want to cash in by le­gal­is­ing pros­ti­tu­tion for tax­a­tion. Gov­ern­ment must pro­vide real al­ter­na­tives and op­por­tu­ni­ties for our women and youth. In le­gal­is­ing pros­ti­tu­tion in our coun­try, I guar­an­tee that you would see a heavy in­flux of women from other na­tions be­ing brought in, be­cause they would be deemed more ‘mar­ketable’ and more af­ford­able.

We have so much tal­ent in the na­tion, so much un­tapped skills and ideas; our peo­ple are so gifted, and the only so­lu­tion our lead­ers can find is to make the peo­ple as prod­ucts for sale, rather than cre­at­ing for them the op­por­tu­nity to pro­duce and bring true growth and de­vel­op­ment.

There are ‘big men’ who can’t have a good erec­tion and de­mand ‘bare­back’ sex from the young girls (or boys).

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