1. Get rid of marker stains

Tooth­paste will erase marker stains from wood – a handy trick to have in your back pocket if you have cre­ative kids.

2. Freshen stuffed an­i­mals

In be­tween wash­ing, groom your kids’ plush pals by giv­ing them a once-over with a lint roller.

3. Solve smelly sneak­ers

Freshen up af­ter the gym by sprin­kling some bak­ing soda in­side your shoes (and your gym bag while you’re at it). Just tap it out be­fore you wear them again.

4. De­funk hair­brushes and combs

Com­bat build-up from hair prod­ucts with a so­lu­tion of a few drops of sham­poo mixed with warm wa­ter.

5. Clear a slow drain

When you no­tice your drain is start­ing to clog, pour a half-cup of bak­ing soda down it, fol­lowed by a halfcup of vine­gar. Cover with a wet cloth to con­tain the fumes. Wait five min­utes and then flush with hot wa­ter.

6. Make sneak­ers bright again

Get your ten­nis shoes to their just-out-the-box state by scrub­bing with tooth­paste.

7. Un­tan­gle a knot­ted neck­lace

Never waste time des­per­ately tug­ging at tan­gled jew­ellery again. Loosen the knot with a lit­tle baby pow­der and use a pin to pull it apart.

8. Soften fuzzy tow­els

Min­eral build-up can cause tow­els to feel scratchy. To lift de­posits, wash the tow­els in the hottest wa­ter pos­si­ble and add one cup of am­mo­nia.

9. Get stains out of a cut­ting board

Run the cut side of a lemon over the board to re­move food stains and smells. For ex­tra clean­ing power, sprin­kle it with salt or bak­ing soda first.

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