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IF THERE is a mem­ber of your house­hold who has con­tracted COVID-19, pro­vide a sep­a­rate bed­room and bath­room for that per­son, if pos­si­ble. If you can­not pro­vide a sep­a­rate room and bath­room, try to sep­a­rate them from other house­hold mem­bers as much as pos­si­ble. Keep peo­ple at higher risk sep­a­rated from any­one who is sick.

If pos­si­ble, have only one per­son in the house­hold take care of the per­son who is sick. This care­giver should be some­one who is not at higher risk for se­vere ill­ness and should min­imise con­tact with other peo­ple in the house­hold.

Iden­tify a dif­fer­ent care­giver for other mem­bers of the house­hold who re­quire help with clean­ing, bathing, or other daily tasks.

As much as pos­si­ble, main­tain a six­foot dis­tance be­tween the per­son who is sick and other fam­ily or house­hold mem­bers.


If you need to share a bed­room with some­one who is sick, make sure the room has good air­flow.

Open the win­dow and turn on a fan to bring in and cir­cu­late fresh air, if pos­si­ble.

Main­tain at least six feet be­tween beds, if pos­si­ble.

Sleep head to toe.

Put a cur­tain around or place other phys­i­cal di­vider (e.g., shower cur­tain, room screen di­vider, large card­board poster board, quilt, or large bed­spread) to sep­a­rate the ill per­son’s bed.


If you need to share a bath­room with some­one who is sick, that per­son should clean and dis­in­fect the fre­quently touched sur­faces in the bath­room af­ter each use. If this is not pos­si­ble, the per­son who does the clean­ing should:

• Open out­side doors and win­dows be­fore en­ter­ing and use ven­ti­lat­ing fans to in­crease air cir­cu­la­tion in the area.

• Wait as long as pos­si­ble be­fore en­ter­ing the room to clean and dis­in­fect or to use the bath­room.


• If you are sick, do not help pre­pare food.

• The per­son who is sick should eat (or be fed) in their room, if pos­si­ble.

• Han­dle any dishes, cups/glasses, or sil­ver­ware used by the per­son who is sick with gloves. Wash them with soap and hot wa­ter or in a dish­washer.

• Clean hands af­ter tak­ing off gloves or han­dling used items.

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