‘ Charts not re­li­able’, says Boom Boom

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The STAR’s se­lec­tor of the year for 2012, Boom Boom, says a num­ber of the mu­sic charts lo­cally are not re­li­able.

The ace se­lec­tor, who ei­ther plays at or at­tends most dance­hall events and dances held across the is­land, says the per­sons who com­pile charts need to go to the dances and get a first- hand feel as to what songs are hot.

In a re­lease to the me­dia, Boom Boom says un­re­li­able charts look bad on the in­dus­try and stake­hold­ers.

“It is hurt­ful to see songs do­ing well in the dances and they are not on the charts. At the end of the day, it is not a good look for any­one. The peo­ple do­ing the charts need to go out and see what is hap­pen­ing in the streets”, Boom Boom said.

He added, “There are some songs on the charts that no­body knows. They are not get­ting played on the ra­dio and they are not mak­ing any im­pact in the dance. How can it be jus­ti­fied for them to be on the charts?”

The pop­u­lar se­lec­tor says dance­hall is vi­tal to the sur­vival of Ja­maican mu­sic.

“Dance­hall goes all over the world. Dance­hall has made me able to help oth­ers in my com­mu­nity of Grants Pen. I am not in a po­si­tion to do a lot like most en­ter­tain­ers, how­ever, the lit­tle that I do, it’s be­cause of the dance­hall why I am able to of­fer some as­sis­tance”, Boom Boom noted.

He is of the opin­ion that the cur­rent charts have no re­la­tion to how well any par­tic­u­lar song is do­ing in the dance.


“I guar­an­tee you that if there was any re­la­tion, a lot of the songs that are do­ing well in the dance would have been on the charts”, said Boom Boom.

He also points out that a num­ber of cur­rent hot songs in the dance­hall are not on any charts. These in­clude For­ward by Rayted, Haters a Pree by ANG artiste Iyara, In Deh In Deh by new­comer Gage, and Stay Away by Singer J.

“These songs are big songs in the dance, and they are not on any chart. Do you think that is fair?” he queried.

Apart from a pro­lific ca­reer as an in de­mand dance­hall se­lec­tor, Boom Boom has ex­per­i­mented on the artiste side of the busi­ness.

Late last year, he recorded the track Wine Wine with Bee­nie Man, which was pro­duced by Jam­house Records. He re­cently

col­lab­o­rated with Black Queen on the track, Up Inna Di Jelly. An­other re­cent col­lab­o­ra­tion, Hot Gal Sup­pen, fea­tures Kibaki and Singing Sweet.

Boom Boom’s an­nual birth­day bash will be held on De­cem­ber 17 at Barons Plaza in Kingston. The event is spon­sored by Guin­ness.

Boom Boom

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