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How many words of four let­ters or more can you make from the let­ters shown?

Each let­ter may be used once only. Each word must con­tain the cen­tre let­ter and there must be at least one nine-let­ter word.

No plu­rals or verb forms end­ing in ‘s’; no words with ini­tial cap­i­tals and no words with a hy­phen or apos­tro­phe per­mit­ted.

The first word of a phrase is per­mit­ted. (eg, ‘inkjet’ in ‘inkjet printer’). 10; 19; (or more). deli din­gle dipole dole dol­ing elop­ing EX­PLOD­ING geld gelid gild glei glen glide glop gold golden i dle i dol i l ex l egion l end li do li ed li en l i ne l i ned l i ng l i ngo l i no li on l ode l oden l odge l oin l one l ong l onged l ope l oped l op­ing ogle ogled oiled olden oldie olein oxlip pile piled pinole pixel pled plié plied plod pole poled pol­ing 15;

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