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This is my first col­umn for 2017 and I want to start by wish­ing for some things to hap­pen in Ja­maica that I be­lieve will help us be­come a bet­ter na­tion go­ing for­ward. For too long, we have been de­scend­ing a very slip­pery slope at the speed of ‘knots’, and there is no time like the present to bring things back un­der con­trol and make our coun­try safe from those who, by their self­ish am­bi­tions, would de­stroy this land we love. So let’s start with: For 2017, I wish we would spend more time fo­cus­ing on ed­u­ca­tion and in­form­ing our­selves, as op­posed to be­com­ing in­creas­ingly ig­no­rant and not car­ing that we are ig­no­rant. Knowl­edge is power and the more we know, the less likely it is that peo­ple can feed us mis­in­for­ma­tion and l ead us astray as they pur­sue their per­sonal agen­das. Let us as­pire to be the smartest peo­ple on earth.


I also wish that we will be less po­lit­i­cally di­vided and find ways to work to­gether as Ja­maicans.

For too long, I see where peo­ple politi­cise ev­ery­thing in an ef­fort to jus­tify wrong­do­ing by the peo­ple they favour.

Whether it is JLP or PNP who are the per­pe­tra­tors, wrong is wrong and just be­cause one party may have done it be­fore doesn’t now jus­tify the party you favour do­ing it now.

I wish we would stop har­bour­ing crim­i­nals and turn­ing a blind eye to their mis­deeds.

Moth­ers, if your sons or daugh­ters have com­mit­ted crimes, they need to face the con­se­quences.

The peo­ple they are killing, scam­ming or as­sault­ing are moth­ers, broth­ers, sis­ters and sons, too. Think about it.

I wish we would fi­nally do away with the Na­tional Prayer Break­fast (NPB). It is a com- plete waste of time and money.

The NPB was in­tro­duced in 1981 fol­low­ing a par­tic­u­larly vi­o­lent year in 1980, when elec­tion vi­o­lence claimed more than 800 lives.

Between 1981 and 1989, mur­ders av­er­aged around 440 a year up un­til 1990, when the num­ber hit 500 for the first time.

Since then, mur­ders have gone up ev­ery sin­gle year, to the point where we now aver­age more than 1,000 mur­ders a year.

The more we pray, the more vi­o­lent we be­come. It is time to stop it.

I wish church peo­ple would grow brains and stop be­ing led astray by what they be­lieve to be ‘gospel’. It is not do­ing you or any­one any good.

And, fi­nally, I wish we would stop act­ing like sheep. It would ben­e­fit ev­ery­one if we de­sist. Happy New Year, ev­ery­body! Send com­ments to

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