Some­one is us­ing obeah on my sis­ter

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Dear Pas­tor, I need your help be­cause only your help, with the blood of Je­sus and the power of the Almighty, can do some­thing to help us. I have a sis­ter who is mar­ried and liv­ing with her hus­band. Their re­la­tion­ship is not go­ing very well. It seems as if evil has taken over her hus­band. The sis­ter of her hus­band seems to be work­ing obeah on her, and mak­ing her very ill.

I don’t be­lieve in witch­craft, but I am say­ing to you that it ex­ists. Right now, my sis­ter is los­ing her mind. To­day I saw her and she is go­ing crazy be­cause of the witch­craft that they are work­ing on her. She needs se­ri­ous help. She of­ten cries out, say­ing that she is ex­pe­ri­enc­ing cramps in her head. She does not eat. All she takes is wa­ter and gar­lic. She ties her head and walks around the house talk­ing nonsense.

Please, I am ask­ing you for some help. I heard her say that they gave her nine days to live.

U.S. Dear U.S., You have not men­tioned whether your sis­ter was taken to the doc­tor and if she is un­der med­i­cal care. It would not sur­prise me if your an­swer is no, be­cause, very of­ten, peo­ple be­lieve that their loved ones are suf­fer­ing as a re­sult of what some peo­ple call witch­craft. They are hes­i­tant to take them to a med­i­cal doc­tor be­cause they think

You said that you do not be­lieve in witch­craft, but, at the same time, you are say­ing that it ex­ists. I would like to know why do you be­lieve that the sis­ter of your sis­ter’s hus­band has been work­ing witch­craft on her. I don’t be­lieve you fully un­der­stand the mean­ing or work­ings of witch­craft. I be­lieve what you are try­ing to say is that some­one is work­ing obeah on your sis­ter by putting evil spir­its on her, and caus­ing her to lose her mind and to do things that are out­side the norm.

Why do you be­lieve that evil spirit is tor­ment­ing your sis­ter? She could be suf­fer­ing from some sort of men­tal ill­ness. There­fore, she should be un­der the watch­ful eyes of a psy­chi­a­trist. From what you have related, I be­lieve strongly that this woman should be taken to a doc­tor im­me­di­ately. If she does not re­ceive help, her con­di­tion could worsen.

I am glad you have writ­ten. Now, please see that she gets the help she needs right away. I will be pray­ing for her.


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