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Dear Pas­tor, I am 18 years old and my boyfriend is 21. We met on Face­book when we were in high school, but I wasn’t in­ter­ested in him be­cause he was al­ways get­ting in­volved in other peo­ple’s prob­lems. He is still do­ing it and I don’t like it. We got en­gaged on Fe­bru­ary 23 last year on my birth­day. Our fam­i­lies get along well and un­der­stand each other fully. We don’t ar­gue, quar­rel, etc, al­though I am a very mis­er­able per­son at times. He’s very hard-work­ing, car­ing, hon­est and trust­wor­thy. He is a good man. I’m now preg­nant with his child. We didn’t ex­pect it, but we have to cope with the sit­u­a­tion. He is in­sist­ing that I am go­ing to have twin be­cause he is a twin also. He’s a chef, and I’m train­ing to be a front of­fice agent at the HEART Acad­emy. Pas­tor, give us some ad­vice on how to keep our re­la­tion­ship still flow­ing and to get even bet­ter. S.S. you have said that you were not pre­pared for a child. You should have known that by hav­ing un­pro­tected sex, any­thing could hap­pen. So, now that you are preg­nant, both of you would have to plan to have a home where the child can be raised in a proper and safe en­vi­ron­ment. You will need lots of help from your rel­a­tives and trusted friends. And this man might have to get a bet­ter job to sup­port his fam­ily.

Per­haps you might have to de­lay at­tend­ing HEART un­til you have given birth. This is some­thing you should dis­cuss with your man and the peo­ple at HEART. Re­mem­ber, life will not be the same now that you are preg­nant. And you will re­ally see the true met­tle of your boyfriend now that you are preg­nant, and es­pe­cially af­ter the baby is born.

I know that you are young and you will make mis­takes, but please do not bring any un­nec­es­sary pres­sure on this young man. I f you do, he will be­come de­pressed and frus­trated.

I wish both of you well. Take time to read your Bi­ble, pray and go to church.


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