Par­ents ques­tion son’s sud­den death

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Ro­drick Palmer and his wife, Nora, were a pic­ture of grief when they vis­ited THE STAR ear­lier this week. Not only are they mourn­ing the sud­den death of their son and main bread­win­ner, but the el­derly cou­ple say they are yet to know the cir­cum­stances sur­round­ing his death.

His fa­ther stated that he had no idea that when his son, An­dre, bid them good­bye on Oc­to­ber 26 as he left for work, they would not be see­ing him alive again.

“Him is a se­cu­rity guard, so he was on the night shift. The com­pany van come to pick him up and him would nor­mally call to tell mi him reach work, but him never do that. The next morn­ing me call him, but him phone nah ansa. Shortly af­ter, two of his co­work­ers came to tell mi him col­lapse and dead,” he said.

Palmer said he was told that An­dre was se­cur­ing a con­struc­tion site in the Cor­po­rate Area when his body was found.

“They didn’t take me to the spot where dem say him dead. All dem say is that they went to the place where he was work­ing and a call him, but when dem nuh get no an­swer, dem force them way in and see him dead on his face,” he said.


The dis­traught fa­ther said that the de­tails of his son’s death be­came even more con­flict­ing when law­men told him that he could not see the body of the 26-year-old be­cause it was a crim­i­nal mat­ter.

“I asked if I could see his body, but the po­lice told us we can’t see the body be­cause is a ‘po­lice’ case. Up to now we nuh see him, and is like we don’t know if him dead or not. The po­lice tell mi them find three spent shells be­side his body and traces of blood, so mi con­fused be­cause mi get a dif­fer­ent story,” his mother said.

THE STAR tried to get a com­ment from the po­lice’s Cor­po­rate Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Unit, but we were un­suc­cess­ful in our at­tempts.

Ac­cept­ing the death of their last child as a bit­ter pill to swal­low, his mother said that it is even more painful not know­ing what or who caused her son to take his last breath.

“One of his su­pe­ri­ors then tell wi say it look like him go through a win­dow over to a place to make a shift bed, and it look like him foot hitch in a steel at the win­dow and him fall and bruk him neck. That night he didn’t get a gun like usual, but they give him a dog in­stead. The po­lice told us that they found the dog tied to a tree, and my son was found in a kneel­ing po­si­tion and a bot­tle of beer be­side him,” the griev­ing mother added.

Ac­cord­ing to the Palmers, their son was just a few months away from en­rolling in the Ja­maica De­fence Force.

“He was sup­posed to be­gin train­ing in Fe­bru­ary. He cleared ev­ery­thing al­ready and was just wait­ing to start. Mi cry ev­ery sin­gle day and night since it hap­pened. A him a wi last baby, and to see him just dead so and all now we don’t know what hap­pen. Wi son was a try­ing boy, and him just gone left wi like that with­out any an­swers, “he said.


Ro­drick (right) and Nora Palmer are still try­ing to come to terms with the death of their son.

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