Pas­tor knew I had sex on the river­bank

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Dear Pas­tor

I have a prob­lem. My girl­friend and I are both 20. We have been in love from the time we were in high school.

Peo­ple in our com­mu­nity talk about us all the time. I grew up with my grand­par­ents, and my girl­friend grew up with her par­ents. When she was 17, and I was 18, we spent some time to­gether on a river­bank. We thought no one was see­ing us.

We had sex and then went home. But by the time we went to church on Sun­day morn­ing, the pas­tor had heard about it and ‘preached on us’. We were so ashamed. My girl­friend did not even wait un­til the bene­dic­tion.

She left for home. My grand­mother asked me if it was true that we had sex and I told her it was. She said pas­tor should have called us and talked to us in­stead of preach­ing about it.

I am her first boyfriend and she is my first girl­friend. We are not plan­ning to leave each other; we are plan­ning to get mar­ried. But grandma said we should give our­selves an­other two years.

My girl­friend’s par­ents did not know that the pas­tor was talk­ing about her. She did not ad­mit any­thing to them. She is hop­ing to go to teach­ers’ col­lege.

We are still won­der­ing who saw us.


Dear J.L.,

I am so sorry that the pas­tor did not meet with both of you and coun­selled you in­stead of em­bar­rass­ing both of you from the pul­pit.

How­ever, both of you will learn from this in­ci­dent that hav­ing sex on the river­bank was not the safest place to ex­press love to each other.

Your girl­friend was very em­bar­rassed and so were you, but you still have each other. You will learn from your mis­take.

I like the ad­vice from your grand­mother con­cern­ing mar­riage. Give your­self a few more years be­fore get­ting mar­ried to this beau­ti­ful young woman. By that time, she would have grad­u­ated from col­lege.

I also hope that you would con­sider get­ting a col­lege ed­u­ca­tion also. Don’t hold any­thing against the pas­tor. He has not said any­thing to ei­ther of you. He was only preach­ing, and you can’t be sure he was talk­ing about you guys.


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